Anime World Order Show # 159 – Our Annual Holiday Trivia Episode, 8 Episodes Since the Previous One

It’s once again Thanksgiving time, which means it’s time for another trivia episode! We’re joined by animal handler, alcohol connoisseur, cosplayer, and anime nerd “Ore Wa” Emma Bowers as Gerald unleashes another barrage of trivia questions for us to either not know, pretend to not know, and in some cases actually know! Clocking in at about two and a half hours, this is the perfect thing to listen to rather than interact with your visiting relatives who you can’t stand to talk to anyway!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (53:54 – 56:26)
Look. Daryl didn’t have time to record a promo himself. So he had some special guests do so on his behalf. The important thing to note is that from Black Friday through much of December, Right Stuf has got hundreds of items on sale, and every day is a special Cart Buster deal that’ll be 50% off, so check daily. Oh, you should totally click that affiliate link we use when doing so also since I think that counts for something.

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  1. HiDive does have a free option which covers a lot of their library, but the exclusives (like LOGH, Xabungle, Ideon, all of their dubs, and what few seasonal shows they can snatch away from Amazon) do require a paid subscription.

  2. Thanks for all the research and questions, Gerald. Fun episode, as always.

    I had a nice run on the cancelled shows category (was totally expecting “Southern Cross”, and you didn’t use it!), but then the last few got hard.

    Also, let me throw out a mecha one for you guys:
    (2012) Shiranui, Fubuki, Takemikazuchi, Terminator, Super Hornet

  3. The acronym questions were abominable. I approve. [This was auto filtered to the spam folder since you entered junk ID data. –Daryl]

  4. Hey guys, i listened a while back and just got back to listening to the podcast again. Great show! The trivia was interesting. I kept trying to guess lol but i really enjoyed the show and will keep listening.

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