Anime World Order Show # 163 – This Episode Appropriately Delayed Due to Severe Rainstorm

In this episode, Daryl and the gang review 2010’s Rainbow – Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin, a show about criminals for which the biggest crime is how overlooked it remains. With the timing of this episode, it is likely to remain that way.

Introduction (0:00 – 30:34)
We didn’t actually get much in the way of new emails between the last episode and this one, so rather than do the responsible thing and simply read one of the thousands of existing emails, we elected instead to give our impressions of the currently airing anime season. The problem was that we recorded this one day into the new season, so most of the top favorites had yet to even start.

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Review: Rainbow – Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin (33:53 – 1:18:06)
The 2010 series Rainbow was one of those shows that everybody who watched it through loved it, but virtually nobody was willing to watch; a critically acclaimed flop. Fans at the time didn’t want to watch a show with so much objectionable content whose cast was pretty much entirely guys that focused so heavily on their deeply-forged bonds of friendship…but perhaps in 2018, all of these things are selling points! Hey, it could happen; people are watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes now! Alas, the streaming rights for Rainbow expired long ago and it was never released on home video in the US, so your only option is fansubs and (partial) scanlations for this one.

5 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 163 – This Episode Appropriately Delayed Due to Severe Rainstorm”

  1. I watched Rainbow as it aired and I loved it; it was an easy sell for me since I love the whole dynamic of a band of guys united by camaraderie fighting against all the terrible things society throws at them. Definitely count me as part of the minority group who saw this, and agree it is fantastic.

    I didn’t participate much in fandom at the time, so I honestly didn’t realize just how unseen it was until some of the older AWO episodes where it was brought up and also noted that not a lot of people saw the show (if I recall correctly). I knew someone who had read the manga but not watched the anime, but besides that person I don’t think anyone else was really aware of its existence. A tragedy! Just like much of what happens in that show.

    – Austin / karageko

  2. I’m sooooo glad you reviewed Rainbow! I watched this many years ago due to Daryl mentioning the manga in an episode, I believe. This anime is so brutal yet, beautiful. It’s one of my favorites though, none of my friends have seen it. Like you said Daryl, it probably wasn’t/isn’t popular due to the fact that there aren’t any cute girl mascots which saddens me because it is so earnest and heartfelt. I’m probably gonna re-watch this now because of the review! Thanks!

  3. I always meant to watch Rainbow! Saw the first ep when it aired, but never got around to watching the rest. Better get at it while I still remember it exists.

    As for Polygon Pictures, I think they did a great job adapting Tsutomu Nihei’s work. They were a step down visually obviously, but the way they rearranged the story was always for the better because I think the stories in basically all his manga are a load of garbage. Atmospheric and interesting, but emotionally distant, and sometimes downright incoherent.

    I also watched their Ronia the Robber’s Daughter adaption and Pingu in the City and had a great time with both. I didn’t watch Fist in the Blue Sky, I only jumped around in the first episode and the animation was so bad I wrote it off. Even as a Polygon Pictures apologist it was a step too far.

  4. Judging by what you said about Rainbow, it seems like NOT the show for anime fans. Instead, it is a show for normal people. Or, rather, normal mature adults (such as myself).

  5. I watched first half of Rainbow – enjoyed it quite a bit. It seemed a bit too mainstreamy for my taste. I’m really surprised that it wasn’t a hit. I dropped it when it became less focused in the second half.

    This season of anime is a season of good sequels and reboots. I’ve seen two episodes of Cutie Honey Universe and I loved every minute of it.

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