Anime World Order Show # 173 – 100 Years of Yuri with Most Dangerous Erica Friedman, Yuri Bodhisattva

Two episodes ago we told you to go check out Erica Friedman and her blog Okazu, but much like a rogue outlaw space idol singer this Most Dangerous Erica has come to us so that we can talk about the 2018 yuri anime Kase-san and Morning Glories.

Introduction (0:00 – 39:35)
On Saturday, April 6th 2019 we’ll be doing a retro anime videogame charity stream on Gerald’s Twitch channel starting around 1 PM Eastern or thereabouts. Here’s a VOD of last year’s, to give you an idea. We are once again raising money for War Child UK as part of RE-PLAY, and while we won’t rake in those big Yogscast bucks, every little bit helps. Gerald will be making another brisket.

But that’s not what this segment is about! We talk to Erica about her myriad of accomplishments as far as bringing information about yuri to the English-speaking anime fanbase for over 20 years and counting! Sailor Moon and Utena discussion will ensue throughout. Please note that a yuri Bodhisattva does not attain “yuri Buddhahood.” Rather, they become “the lesbian Go Nagai.” Erica’s run conventions, publishing companies, a really comprehensive blog as linked to above, and of course panels to the point where for years we (okay, just Daryl) associated her raw power level with the Mike Awesome theme song, which we would have used as her intro music here except Mike Awesome has been dead for several years. Also, she may or may not have once upon a time had the same hair as Mike Awesome. 

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (39:35 – 42:10)
The wait is over, as Seven Seas Entertainment has now released all five volumes of the Kase-san manga from which this anime is derived. We also recommend getting your preorder in for Gundam: The Origin – Chronicle of the Loum Battlefield Collection and the Limited Edition of Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Part 1. But, since there’s currently a Sentai Filmworks sale going, you may want to grab the entirety of the original Armored Trooper VOTOMS TV series plus compilation films for $29.99.

Review: Kase-san and Morning Glories (42:10 – 1:27:59)
This review is almost “pulling a Gerald” since it’s a title that is, so far, not licensed for release in the United States with no legal streaming availability for which we’re all just going to talk about how incredibly great it is. What’s more, the link that we ordered it from (Amazon JP) currently lists it as out of stock with a restock estimate of “1 to 2 months.” That said, even if you import it from Japan it is NOT outrageously expensive since it’s a Pony Canyon release (plus you get a bunch of nice extras), and it DOES include a professional quality English subtitle track. This one hour OVA/theatrical anime adaptation of Hiromi Takashima’s manga from roughly Volume 3 on (available both in print and digital) is quite different from so many other yuri anime in that it begins at the point where most of them conclude, and between its narrative focus and stellar production values Erica declares this a must-see and own. Kase-san and Morning Glories has screened at multiple anime conventions in the US, so a domestic release seems a question of “when” more than “if.” 

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  1. On the topic of you guys getting a Patreon… I don’t know how exactly you would want to charge for your Patreon, but I think bonus episodes would be the ideal incentive to get people in. In general, the email sections have been fantastic. You guys have some really worthwhile discussions in response to them. Perhaps you might want to use those as the bonus episodes. I could see 30 minutes to maybe an hour every week (or month?) talking about what people send in. It would certainly get me to be a patron.

    1. Strangely enough, while last time it seemed that our emails being sent from WordPress were being flagged as spam, it appears that they’re now all bouncing and returned as undeliverable. So for the last month and change we were once again not getting blog notifications. I guess I can write this reply and see if that fixed it:

      Bonus episodes are the most common incentive offered for podcasts that use Patreon. They’re also something I’m a bit hesitant to do. Locked exclusive content seems like a thing you’d do for really massive audiences, and we don’t really have that since we’re audio only in a Youtube world. Plus, with anime fans being anime fans I’m sure circumventing it is as simple as sharing out the Patreon RSS feed link. Maybe something along the lines of a Hangout or a Discord or even a Twitch type thing where we might talk about things which are either off-topic or more “current events”-ish? I’m not sure how much interest there’d be in something like that, though.

      1. That alternative could work. It would depend on what exactly your audience is looking for from you guys. If what they want is just your opinions on anime, then I don’t see off-topic conversations working, but being a much older podcast, your listeners are possibly also here for your personalities and would not mind listening to you guys talk about whatever. I wouldn’t really know though since I don’t see anyone else talking about what they might want out of the Patreon. 😛

  2. Great to hear Erica on your show again. I’ve been a fan of hers for years (with years of Patreon money to prove it). Always better to go to the source than fumble for information half-remembered. Apart from, the Kase-san and Morning Glories Blu-Ray is still listed on CD Japan, albeit on backorder, and for more typically ludicrous Japanese prices ($100 Australian!). I’d like to get it, but all such cash is still being used to finance my Alita: Battle Angel addiction. When that fever settles, I’ll return to yuri.

  3. In a rare case of exception, I had problems imagining the movie you were reviewing. Usually I can visualize what you cover, but this time…I think you all were too excited, and did not get into the plot describing part far enough.

    [We literally gave a synopsis of everything that happens. –Daryl]

    1. Was that meant as a reply to my comment..? I didn’t see what I asked for mentioned in the text… And I’ve read it many times over :S

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