Anime World Order Show # 175 – Now Akira, It’s Your Turn to Wear the Demon Skull

Now that Devilman Crybaby is all the rage–or well, WAS all the rage a year and a half ago–Gerald reviews the Devilman OVAs from 1987, 1990, and 2000.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:36)
This episode was recorded not too long after the previous episode was released, and so there weren’t really any new emails to read. Instead, we read from the comments left on the previous episode AT THIS VERY WEBSITE, which has us contemplating whether the ancient and seemingly dead “dubs vs subs” debate is on the verge of resurgence thanks to the Content Exclusivity Wars of 2019. We also read off the Patrons from our recently-launched Patreon page, since while nobody has yet to offer suggestions on what we should do for these tiers, that seemed like the least we could do. The link to that is up in the top right corner along with all the other stuff.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (19:37 – 22:21)
Preorders for The Big O 20th Anniversary set are now live, for those wishing to own the series on Blu-Ray with steelbook packaging as well as an artbook. You can also pick up Discotek’s Blu-Ray release of the Devilman OVAs should you be inclined to do after hearing this episode’s review.

Review: Devilman OVAs (22:22 – 1:17:35)
Now that virtually everything Devilman is available in the United States, how do those old OVAs hold up? Especially now that you don’t have to watch them dub-only, thus making it okay to appreciate that dub for its meme-ability? Gerald takes a look at Devilman: The Birth, Devilman: Demon Bird Sirene, and the as-yet-unlicensed Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman. Sorry, no CB Chara Nagai Go World this time around, and Mazinger Z vs Devilman was a movie not an OVA so we just briefly acknowledged it.  Yes, Cyborg 009 vs Devilman is an OVA, but that’s not technically in continuity either. The point is, on THIS podcast we support Ryo Asuka’s old hairstyle and coat design over the Crybaby one everybody knows and loves.

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  1. ANN says that the character designer for the OVA is Kazuo Kamatsubara. He did not work on Sailor Moon, but at the time these OVAs were made he was an old veteran as far as adapting Go Nagai and Leiji Matsumoto works went.

    He did character designs for Arcadia of My Youth, all of the GE999 films, the original TV series for Devilman, Cutey Honey, Getter Robo, Grendizer and Captain Harlock, Nausicaa, and of course the immortal classic Junkers Come Here.

  2. I think Sirene is just an old school siren from greek mythology. Over time, sirens and mermaids got conflated, but they were originally bird ladies. The Siren summon in Final Fantasy 8 looks the same. Mythology nerds in Japan don’t play.

  3. While I have a lot of time for those first two Devilman OVAs, I really did not like the Amon: Apocalypse one when I saw it. It was before Crybaby came out and my knowledge of Devilman was pretty much just those two OVAs and a broad synopsis, so maybe having more context would help, but even being aware of what Miki’s eventual fate was going to be before watching it, I thought just felt nasty, and not in a fun way. I think what really sank it for me though was the lack a decent conclusion – even compared to the other two, it feels like it just stops.

    I also kind of agree about Sirene being the best looking anime version. Yuasa’s team did a great job with Crybaby in adapting Devilman for a contemporary audience, but part of me still feels like that art style would have been a better fit for Cutie Honey. I would pay all the money to see Yuasa do that.

  4. Despite being at the height of my otakudom all through the 90’s I never saw Devilman. I will definitely check it out based on your review. This wasn’t mentioned on the show, but thanks to Daryl’s review in the latest Otaku USA, I saw Mazinger Z: Infinity this week and it was gloriously entertaining, with some of the best giant robot action ever seen. And those Galaxy Express 999 blu-rays are indeed amazing. That first movie is phenomenal.

    As always, thanks for helping perpetuate my interest in anime. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

    Here’s a podcast deep cut: When Rambo Last Blood comes out in September, I’m hoping Daryl will add a quick rant to the end of an AWO episode about it being the greatest movie he’s ever seen (if indeed Last Blood can manage to equal the insane heights of 2008’s Rambo).

  5. Asking here because why not. If I send you an anime, will you review it IF you like it? [This very thing is the donation incentive! –Daryl]

  6. When I think of Devilman’s legacy, two pop culture icons came to mind, Rob Zombie and Toshio Maeda.

    Rob Zombie was a big fan of Devilman, so much that he wrote the hit song “Super-Charger Heaven” inspired by the manga. The artwork for the single even had him on the cover!

    Toshio Maeda, perhaps not so overtly, was influenced by Devilman in the comics he drew in the 80’s. Both Urotsukidoji and La Blue Girl feature strikingly similar visual and literary themes.

    Thank you for the awesome podcast as usual guys, Go Nagai is a living legend!

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