Anime World Order Show # 182 – Turkey and Trivia Causes More CTE Than the NFL

It’s the moment Gerald has been waiting for all year: the annual pre-Thanksgiving trivia episode! This time our guest is Zac Bertschy from Anime News Network, a site which you have probably heard of.

Round 1 (0:00 – 54:50)
Listen. There is no valid reason for us to timecode the beginning and end of each round in a trivia show where none of the contestants bothers to remember to keep score (and the host is similarly inclined). But we’re doing it anyway, just in case.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (54:50 -58:03)
Thanksgiving means it’s Black Friday, which now lasts an entire week rather than just a Friday. This is then followed by Cyber Monday, which also now lasts an entire week rather than just a Monday. That in turn is then followed by a month-long Holiday sale. What we’re saying here is that you’d better check the site each day throughout all of that to see what the Mega Deal is. Because they’re pretty darned good deals.

Round 2 (58:03 – 1:44:40)
This was the round most prone to audio mishaps on our end, but thanks to the magic of post-production you the listener will not be subject to 95% of it. That is Daryl’s official justification for every question he failed to answer correctly, even when it was something he owns and likes. Any allegations that Daryl has never actually watched these anime he purports to enjoy are to be dismissed as enemy propaganda.

Round 3 (1:44:40 – 2:25:42)
We thought about including old fighting game announcer quotes under each of these “Round X” announcements but we realized that doing so would mean we’d have to leave out some major developer of note. I suppose Arc System Works has the reputation for the most ornate pre-round introductions, and the years have softened our souls to the goofiness level of the later Capcom fighting game announcers. GO FOR IT, MAN!

7 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 182 – Turkey and Trivia Causes More CTE Than the NFL”

  1. God, Heidi, that FMV category. I had always assumed that the CD-i “Escape from Cyber City” (which I owned once) was just a different title for the arcade “Freedom Fighter”. I’m stunned to learn they’re two totally different games. I’d only seen FF once, at a Malibu Fun Center in Menlo Park, CA, and all I remembered of it was the Galaxy Express 999 footage, not the gameplay.

  2. You know, ever since your third trivia show, the category names HAVE, more or less, been relevant to the actual questions.

  3. Gerald, you mean 1984 was Kageyama’s debut on anime songs, right? Because in 1973 he started a band called Lazy, along with Akira Takasaki, who later formed LOUDNESS!

  4. Oh and I just wanted to add (although it doesn’t have anything to do with this episode):
    Since I’ve started to listen to the podcast (about 10 years ago), I’ve tried to fight against the enormous backlog of your suggestions of shows to watch, and finally finished Master Keaton. Best anime ever. No arguments.
    Thank you very much guys and gal.

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