Anime World Order Show # 226 – The Second, and Perhaps Ultimate, Holiday Roundup

We’re finally legal, for this episode of AWO marks the start of our 18th year of anime podcasting! Let’s celebrate with another holiday roundup of anime Christmas episodes, organized from “least evocative of Wham’s Last Christmas” to…MOST EVOCATIVE~!

Even the least Whamaggedon of anime Christmas episodes we selected still involves an impending death from throat cancer right at the cusp of reaching adolescence.
The AWO sympathizes with Mineta–just this once–regarding the dangers of receiving a framed vanity photo during the Christmas party gift exchange.
Astro Boy wishes you all a “Mary X mas.”
It’s no small feat to make suspenders look cool on someone instead of making them a colossal Melvin, but Akemi Takada character designs pull it off.

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  1. Unrelated, but have you ever heard of or tried watching I’m Gonna Be an Angel? One of the WEIRD japanese cartoons of the late 90s, but also with some actual story (not just lolrandom), and actual sincerity when it matters. If the story is not your thing, there is always the marvelous (and rare) OST by Yoshikazu Suo. The music was SO GOOD, Satan himself prevented volumes 2 and 2 from ever getting reissued (and I have them both hahahahaha). There is an OKAY quality 640×480 rip with burned subs transferred from older VHS fansubs, and a 720p DVD upscale (with japanese subs only), so watching the best version is not an option right now. But you at least can watch it in SOME form. Only the first part of the show received dubbed DVD releases in the West, then the dubbing was cancelled and the DVDs are ultra rare or borderline unavailable. As to WHY the dubbing was stopped, I think this has less to do with sales and more with….. what happens in the second half (or what kind of characters get introduced). A damn shame too, since this was one of the best english dubs of a TV anime before dub standards were raised.

    Good Yule. [I watched some amount of it as VHS fansubs, which all just kept the Japanese name Tenshi ni Narumon. I generally remember the main girl being very aggravating despite having the same voice actor as Utena, the dad being a Frankenstein monster, and that OP being stuck in my head. —Daryl]

  2. The way you described the Harlock “Space Christmas” episode made it sound very metal, and really cool (if you were trying to make it sound goofy, then it backfired). Now another of Leiji’s shows is on my list. [If you think we thought we were trying to make it sound goofy, then you don’t think very highly of us at all. Of course, perhaps that is justified since we said Mr. Zone was voiced by Toshio Furukawa when it’s Tohru Furuya. Be sure to play Super Robot Wars and have Amuro attack Mr. Zone for the special dialogue. –Daryl]

    Oh, and please do not apologize for what you said 10 years ago. Easily offended should not be listening anyway.

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