Anime World Order Show # 54b – Special All-Daryl Edition…Almost

Please don’t let this be your first impression of this podcast. Please? Show 54 continues with Daryl’s advance review of 009-1…but due to technical difficulties and the onset of madness, Daryl decided to record the remaining segments…BY HIMSELF. As such, this is probably the single worst segment of AWO ever.

Introduction (0:00 – 21:47)
Feedback time! Dane from Anime Pacific left a comment on this very blog you’re reading now regarding our bonus discussion on bootlegs. Since he lives in Hong Kong where a lot of the bootleggers are/were located, he’s got some insight. First time emailer Tim wants to know about James Bond influences in anime, and Daryl deliberately avoids mentioning Licensed By Royalty even though Jonathan Klein once said over IRC to give it more than one episode. Still, he dubbed the thing, so there’s no telling what tricks are up his sleeve. Future show guest Ryan Gavigan writes to let us know the connection between anime fandom and the Chicago Cubs (other than “they’re full of LOSERS! HAW HAW HAW HAW!”), and a 33 year-old geezer named Jeffrey has had his interest in Japanese cartoons rekindled thanks to us. And what’s the deal with these kids today, with their hair and their clothes and their rock and roll music? He wanted suggestions for space opera anime which we hadn’t already mentioned in the first 30 shows, and Daryl totally flaked.

Let’s News! (21:47 – 33:25)
In lieu of Gerald’s presence, Daryl presents the vital anime news of the week in a calm, objective fashion while discussing their greater ramifications. A small comicbook publisher named Seven Seas Entertainment was planning on publishing a lolicon manga in the US, but it got canceled. It’s been a crazy week as far as these issues go, what with the Adam Hughes statue hubbub and the quasi-porn cover to Heroes for Hire (aka a crappy comic nobody reads because it’s the Marvel equivalent to Birds of Prey), and this was just the icing on the cake. Do you suppose these tiny companies that release lots of those manga-inspired comicbooks actually benefit from all the negative publicity that results when those outside of the anime/manga/comics circles find out about some of the stuff they’re putting out? Did “Yaoi Press” (which, once again, does not actually release manga) benefit from all that Wal-Mart craziness? Daryl doubts that whole “no such thing as bad publicity” thing, but he already made the Don Imus reference somewhere else.

For years people have considered the feasibility of holding an anime convention for older fans, but the Providence Anime Conference (so yeah, it’s not technically a “con”) is the first to actually give it a shot. It’s an event solely for those over the age of 21. But despite the basic outlines stated in the FAQ, will this really be different from an ordinary anime con? I mean, it’s not like every single Narutard we know isn’t already over 21 anyway. And even though they say it won’t be awash in pornography, isn’t there a very good chance that’s what the dealers and artists are going to load up on? No clue. Could be awesome, could be wretched; we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. It’s not for a whole year anyway.

Promo: R5 Central (33:25 – 34:43)
Daryl has heard several episodes of R5 Central and has played several of the promos. Therefore, he was more than capable of making his very own promo for the show. Bet you can’t distinguish it from the genuine article. Mike, eternally grateful, retaliates with this, the opening to the 1960s live-action 009-1:

Review: 009-1 (34:44 – 1:00:14)
For the record: Shotaro Ishi[no]mori did indeed create “Power Rangers” with the super sentai series Himitsu Sentai Goranger from 1975. Anyway. The problem with “girls with guns” of recent years is the unnecessary loli-bait, and so it is that in order to create a floating beacon of light amidst the turmoil and darkness (“fight, Corn Dog 7! Last ditch bid for freedom!”), anime has had to reach back to a manga from 40 years ago in order to restore balance to the world. The “Dave and Joel Show Notes 2.0” style shall suffice for the rest of this, since Dave’s dream is to have a girl with wide hips (and therefore, mad badonkadonk) beat him up, sleep with him, and then kill him, not necessarily in that order. Sorry Dave, but as wonderful as Black Lagoon may be, Revy is sporting one of the most hideous tattoos ever conceived. Neck/shoulder/arm? That’s an instant downgrade from “hot chick” to “Mike Tyson’s face.” Dear humanity: stop getting tattoos. They all look crappy and only make you look uglier. Daryl Surat, Arbiter of Taste, has spoken.

This review is about:

James Bond references
The 1960s

Yumiko Shaku’s main claim to fame is as a [photo]gravure model, which probably means that to land this voice acting gig she had to let this dude, the producer, have sex with her. Actually, that’s probably how they select most voice actresses for roles.

I miss the old style Dave and Joel notes that were all pretending to be like, chat log excerpts.

Gerald: This is the worst episode of AWO ever.
Clarissa: Yeah, until next week.

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  1. YES! This is excellent. Excellent!

    Also, regarding guests: you should totally have a sooper special Otaku USA episode, with all the contributors you know (Patrick, you guys, Dave and Joel, all the other people I don’t remember).

  2. I’d have to disagree with you saying that people at anime cons are just like other people, only just HAPPENING to be into anime.

    Or maybe we just disagree on what’s “normal” and what’s “geeky/nerdy”. Like, I would definitely not classify a libertarian atheist as normal, you know?

    Also, in a totally unrelated to anything note: I’ve been wondering for a really long time, and google has failed me – who is randall stuckey (sic) and what did he do?

  3. Bogiepop? There’s Humphrey Bogart manga now?

    And damnit Daryl, I nearly drove off the road when that R5 Central promo came on.

  4. Damnit! A 21+ con? Not fair! Oh well, I guess im still going to have to go to the cons like ACEN (which was mediocre at best this year, because of the freakin r-tards in the staff that could not get a freakin dvd player to work…even though thats their job! And because of that the Dirty Pair panel was cut down! Grrrrrrr!). AND SO MANY FURRIES AT ACEN!!!! WTF?! SIT SOMEWHERE ELSE BESIDES WHERE IM TRYING TO WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Daryl Surat, you’re one bad mother fucker. And I will not shut my mouth, because I’m just talking about Daryl Surat: BAD MOTHER FUCKER.

  6. By far, one of the best episodes yet. I have to say that when the fall season started in 2006, 009-1 was one of the only shows I was interested in watching. After watching the first episode subbed, I thought “Fuck! I need to find this show somehow”. Unfortunately… I can’t find it online. I’m glad that ADV picked this up, I’m definitely going to pick it up.

  7. Oh god Daryl. I had just started to like you, and now I’m back to hating you.

    Clarissa, Gerald… please don’t let him do this again.

  8. And btw, that episode that Dave did by himself was like the best Fast Karate ever. My socks are still spinning just thinking about it.

  9. Woah. That Nymphet/Lolicon rant was RAW POWER, man. It’s as if Daryl was channeling one of Bill Hick’s on-stage rants where he’d go off on an audience member for being a loud-mouthed retard. Except instead yelling at hecklers, he’s yelling at pedophiles. Win.

    I’m also a bit mixed on the idea of 21+ cons, as I’m not quite 21 yet. On the bright side though, if the format works, at least there will probably be a 21+ con around by the time I turn 21. Something to look forward to, I guess.

  10. Yo, Doug–

    Randall Stukey was the leader of CFO San Antonio back in the early-to-mid 80s and a former drill sergeant. Thanks to his nigh-religious obsession with rules of order and tedious details, he made fan club politics into a fine art and probably got into more pointless fights than anyone in the entire history of anime fandom. Having once been on his shit list myself (he called me on the phone once to announce it to me in those exact words) I can tell you that an involuntary shudder still shoots down my spine whenever I read his name. Not out of fear or anything, just the knowledge that there was a time when such a person was elevated to such a level of influence.

    I haven’t heard anything about Randall in the last 15 years, except that he “got out” of anime at some point and waddled over to Pern and filksong fandom. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was a furry side to that story, too. To me that was the punch line to the entire experience, that for a time his obsessive behavior was like an umbrella over all of us and then it turned out later not to be about anime at all. Just an obsessive personality.

    Anyway, well done Daryl, holding up the standard all by yourself. Made me think of all those 1970s Marvel comics blurbs…”The Human Torch fights alone!” or “The Falcon fights alone!” or “Rick Jones fi–” you get it.

    But christ, man, you trying to audition for the next Shigeru Chiba role or something? That was more voice-cracking than a boy scout troop at Magic Mountain!

  11. Thanks to his nigh-religious obsession with rules of order and tedious details, he made fan club politics into a fine art and probably got into more pointless fights than anyone in the entire history of anime fandom.

    Hey Tim, do you happen to remember what got you onto his shit list in the first place? On that note, do you remember any other interesting stories of what upset him in other fans. While I, of course, never knew the guy personally, it seems like everyone out there is now Randall Stukey to some degree thanks to the proliferation of Live Journal.

  12. Well, one of Daryl’s nicknames is “The Gujarati Madarame,” and there is that discussion in the back of Genshiken about how Shigeru Chiba would be a good voice for him.

    By the way, this is how Osaka-like I am–back when I was IRCing in the mid-90s, there was this guy named Surat, and it never tumbled until Mike Toole pointed it out to me that Surat was, in fact, Clarissa. I mean, Daryl.

  13. Gerald, my fight with Randall was sparked by one of the stupidest and most trivial things imaginable, a difference in how to romanize a character name. With alarming swiftness for the time (you know, a few days as opposed to a few weeks) some comments in an APA got misconstrued and I ended up in a spitting contest with one of Randall’s best friends and in addition to the shit-list phone call he blasted out two or three [single spaced] pages of new rules in the next APA to quantify it and you would swear the whole thing was another Iran/Contra. (Or federal attorney scandal in today’s parlance.)

    Matt Zell, who was mentioned in this latest AWO, also ran afoul of R.S. when he dared to suggest (in the same APA) that the CFO could be run a little differently. There was another incident that was described to me wherein Randall blew a tube at a club meeting over some point of order, scooped up his video equipment, and stormed out. There was also a time when the CFO San Antonio newsletter was filled with reams of rules and bylaws about how to get a single copy of a videotape.

    What it all came down to was this: the CFO was a non-organization of loosely-knit gangs of weirdos who just wanted to watch cartoons. But thanks to R.S. and a small coterie of like minds, there were pages and pages of governance that read like the Patriot Act. Completely useless except to a tiny minority of OCD’s and completely disregarded by those who showed up to watch anime.

    I bet their D&D campaigns were LOADS of fun, though…

  14. After listening to the first half of the episode, I realized why Gerald and Clarissa are always on the show; to do thier best to contain Daryl’s psychotic behavior.

  15. Since C/FO meetings were creepy (which didn’t stop me from attending them, any more than a clucker complains about the decor of the crackhouse), and its leadership far too interested in procedure, I personally thought the actual reason to join the C/FO was Kurt Black and Jane E. McGuire’s C/FO Magazine, which, like AWO, also came out of Florida. Although it lacked color or slick paper, and its stylistic approach was that of a fanzine, it deserves to be remembered as a strong early resource for anime and manga journalism; it represented the first generation of Western fans at their best.

    C/FO meetings, by the way, are the reason I can’t get mad at today’s con demographics. I was eleven when I became an otaku, but for the first few years there was no one else around my age who was hardcore into anime or manga. Instead it was scary-looking dudes not unlike the one I saw recently in the mirror. So of course I think it’s good that kids today can hang out with their own set. If I had been born twenty years later, you know I’d be running down that hotel corridor with the rest of them.

  16. I must say I really enjoyed this episode becasue Daryl had to use all his karate in order to make most excellent Daryl, most excellent 😀
    But I already sent you and e-mail so there is not point on writing all of that again.

  17. Looking through Seven Seas’ roster, I can’t help but think how they probably ought to change their name to Semen Seas — it seems like every other thing they have is otaku-fetish crap.

    I loved Daryl’s Nymphet rant, probably because he gave voice to a lot of the thoughts I’d been having the last week or so — since this whole controversy started, anyway. Hearing about that whole deal literally ruined my week, and my temperament actually soared when I’d heard that they killed the release.

  18. I’m glad that the tide against the lolicon and mo-e hordes have turned.

    Zac Bertschy is the internet version of Tom Cody. Let the loli/mo-e movement burn like a shotgun blast to a motorcycle.

    Another time, another place…

  19. Now I see it. Clarissa and Gerald are clearly the gate keepers of the insurmountable power of Daryl Surat’s rage. Which would clearly cause the world to crumble, if not kept in check.

    I will ponder this new found knowledge as I preorder 009-1.

  20. Despite the poor expectations you set up, this was an excellent episode.

    At first, Daryl, I thought that your segments on THE TRUTH marked the point of no return for your descent into madness. That is, until I heard the promo you made for R5 Central. Holy crap…that was insanity in an audio-format.

    Even if it was for a small moment, I’m glad to hear someone take a shot at Grenadier. However, I don’t think that the sole purpose of it was just to see the main character load her gun. I think it was for her to get dirty in fights so she would feel the need to take a bath in EVERY FUCKING EPISODE!!! Goddamnit, I hate that show with a passion that burns like the fire of a thousand suns.

    Great episode guys. Keep up the good work!

  21. BEST EPISODE EVER! Daryl you need to be like Sting and go solo…ditch The Police (Clarissa, Gerald). Don’t you get tired of Clarissa and Gerald riding your coat tails in ever episode? Finally… a break out episode…

  22. Good episode.

    However I recommend mild sedation for Daryl.


    Congrats on the stuff in Otaku USA. Patrick gave me a copy last weekend when I ran into him at Fanime Con. Good to see your names on paper.

  23. Goddamn, I was hoping you’d talk about the Nymphet dust-up, and you didn’t disappoint. That was probably the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard on the podcast. Except for the time Gerald professed his love for old school shojou. That was pretty funny too.

  24. I see Daryl Surat was trying to channel the spirit of Fragmaster there, partly succeeded. Either that or he had a meltdown probably from recording that segment three times in a row.

    I was staffing at Fanimecon and missed the Anime Hell showing =( I only found out about it after it was over. I also missed the Gilles Poitras panel and the opportunity to ask him when he would be a guest on Anime World Order since I know he listens to this =(


  25. That R5 Central promo made me laugh so hard I peed my pants a little.

    Not a lot. Like, it wasn’t visible from the outside of my pants, because the denim was pretty thick. But I definitely drizzled my underpants a bit before I could pinch off the stream. I’d say about a half-teaspoon got through.

  26. Daryl, your performance was acceptable, but steve’s comparison to Sting should serve as a warning to you. If you “ditch the police” so to speak, you will have one or two decent albums and then a stream of tedious pretension. Moreover, you’ll be noted for your dismissive attitude to your loyal fans, your habit of constantly calling attention to the heavy-handed literary allusions with which you lard your not particularly profound utterances, and your discussions of the amazing mind-blowing tantric sex you have in your remote and well-appointed Scottish castle. If the horror of this prospect doesn’t dissuade you, you’ll also end up becoming a proponent of Apocalypse 2012 theories of cosmic transformation. This fate could be yours.

    Anyway, while the Rhode Island conference sounds appealing, the allure to me is the large number of talking head type panels. My favorite panels are fans discussing the experience of being fans or exploring lesser known or less discussed aspects anime, manga, and Japanese culture. Part of the reason I like these panels is because I get the chance to get on stage and shoot off at the mouth, but I also like watching others do this. The R.I. thingie certainly seems like it would be jam-packed with such goings on. Still, I don’t know that the problem at AWA is so much the age of the folks attending as the sheer number. When you’ve got one thousand people, all the random jumping around and shrieking is something you can choose to participate in or not, but when you’ve got ten or twenty times that number, it’s much harder to avoid. I still really enjoy AWA. I tend to find the con-goofball behavior irritating about half the time and amusing the other half. Both halves, I’m grateful to encounter persons that even so low a wretch as me can feel superior too. Additionally, my drunken antics don’t tend to physical contact or shrieking, but I certainly have given lectures on the ways of snake-handlers to those who listened politely for a lot longer than they should have.

    Yumiko Shaku has appeared in a number of dramas. Fans are probably most familiar with Himitsu no Hanazono which is based on a manga and deals with the adventures of an accidental manga editors. (She may or may not find love!) She also appeared in the drama and movie of Tsutomu Takahashi’s Sky High. I don’t know whether she had sex with the producer guy, but she’s pretty hot, so I’d guess he suggested it.

    In terms of loli, I find the “innocent” stuff a lot freakier than the straightforwardly lustful stuff in the same way that I find ardent fans of Shanda the Panda more disturbing than your open skunkfucker. The coy idealization of something not quite human (whether in physical terms or psychological terms) is creepy because I can’t shake the feeling that it’s hiding something. Maybe I just get disturbed by lonely people who become ickily sentimental rather than embittered and very, very witty.

    Finally, shota is a bizarre demographic. I’ve seen male/male shouta stuff aimed at both women and men in Japanese, but in English it seems to be a freaky fangirl thing. Not that I’ve ever looked at 2chan adult threads, and I’ve certainly never read any explicit fanfiction there, but I hear that there are shouta threads on the male-oriented boards. These shouta threads contain both female/male and male/male stories with occasional discussion with nary a peep from the usual 801-haters. Or maybe I just couldn’t understand the complaints. Ah well. Odd stuff.

  27. Elizabeth Christian-Smith said…

    Daryl, your performance was acceptable, but steve’s comparison to Sting should serve as a warning to you. If you “ditch the police” so to speak, you will have one or two decent albums and then a stream of tedious pretension.

    I used to have nightmares (erotic dreams?) about wandering the desert and running into Sting. He handed me a crystal apple before vanishing into the night like a mysterious breeze.

    …. yeah.

  28. Gerald proclaimed his love for old school shojo because old school shojo is for true men. Without it there would be no GUNBUSTER. And if it was good enough for Osamu Dezaki to direct and Akio Sugino to draw, then I need say no more.

    As for Yumiko Shaku, I believe we must face our fears that not only did the producer demand sex, but that he held up the costume above her as she trembled in the well below: “It does the cos-play during sex, or else it doesn’t get the role.” I’m probably exaggerating, as a woman of Yumiko’s bearing does not tremble, but pulls the tight, clinging costume over her naked body with dignity.

    When I was 16, I bought a bootleg cassette of THE DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES outside of Tokyo Station for 500 yen, a blow which no doubt was felt within the innermost walls of the aforementioned Scots castle (not Newcastle–although presumably Sting once sounded like Sumiyoshi from EXCEL SAGA). But you’ll admit that based on Show #54b, you can easily imagine Daryl running around with a dagger screaming “I WILL kill him!”


    Now I must go off and watch those 33 hours of Pokemon and complain about the crappy voice dub and lame ass NEW pokemon!!!

    You know what I like about Pokemon? Ash was never hated because when he was born some crazy pokemon MASTAH came and put a crazy ass POKEMON on STEROIDS in his stomach so that it wouldn’t destroy POKEMON LAND and kill all the POKEMON MASTAHS, although it unfortunately killed Ash’s teacher’s POKEMON MASTAH parents!!!! Ash never had POKEMON EARS to show he was a virgin and was worried that his POKEMON only loved him because his dead POKEMON MASTAH brother told them to. Ash’s POKEMON MASTAH sister never possessed him. Ash doesn’t go around stealing POKEMON money so that he can build a POKE dome on his POKEMON RADISH field in POKEMON LAND. Ash doesn’t write the names of POKEMON into a POKEMON note that he got from a POKEMON god. Ash doesn’t move into a POKE apartment with someone he met on a POKE subway who just so happens to also be named Ash!

    should I stop now?

  30. Well, since no one’s telling me to stop, I’m not gonna!

    Ash never befriended a POKEMON MASTAH that was secretly trying to destroy his POKEMON because he’s in love with his mom. Ash never had to join a POKEMON club filled with rich POKE MASTAHS in order to pay for a rich POKE vase. Ash didn’t have a cute vampire POKEMON that wanted to have sex with him in every episode!

    Oh, I’m not sure whether I think Daryl should always do the news, or be locked away and never allowed near newspapers, magazines, internet, and everything else that might tell him about current events. Decisions, decisions (hey, Ash never seemed crazy by doing a POKEcast by himself!)

  31. Carl – “But you’ll admit that based on Show #54b, you can easily imagine Daryl running around with a dagger screaming “I WILL kill him!””

    You’re obviously wrong.

    He would use a clown pistol.

  32. Daryl, please explain why you don’t like Fate/Stay Night. Do you hate it just because it is based on an ero-game? Have you ever seen Fate/Stay Night? It’s a really cool show: interesting plot, mind-blowing animation, awesome action scenes, cute girls. How can anyone not like that show?

  33. The only thing I can say for certain is that it is by will alone that Clarissa sets her mind in motion.

    (See Daryl may be Sting, but Clarissa is Brad Dourif. Gerald is to hard too read, the slippery devil.)

  34. I’m sorry Daryl but until Mike Dent tells me to stop, I’m using your R5 central promo as the official one from now on. I’ve just used it in the latest EC podcast. Also the rant about Seven Seas and LiveJournal was amazing. Fantastic, I can’t wait for Gerald’s and Clarissa’s solo shows.

    That should be fun.

  35. Daryl, that R5 Central promo was perhaps the greatest moment in podcasting history; the orgasm if you will.

    Podcasting gold. I salute you sir!

  36. That was the most brilliantly cynical first half of AWO i have ever heard. Totally awesome news segment, especially the part about Fate/Stay Night and Air because those shows were total crap.

  37. So, 009-1 is set in an alternate present where the cold war not only never ended, but has been going on for 140 (or however many you said) years? Sounds like a good idea. While I liked the third 009 series (what little was put out on DVD in this country), some of their attempts at fitting a series grounded in the cold war into the early 21st century were a bit awkward (and one reason I liked that the latest Tetsujin series was set in the 1950’s).

    Loved the R5 promo. I haven’t listened to the podcast since he pulled that April Fool’s felgercarb last year.

    The Providence Anime Conference sounds interesting. I’d better start saving up now for my hotel room…

    E. Bernhard Warg
    Anime’s Frank
    Otakon Classic Track

  38. I don’t suppose anyone could transcribe what Daryl actually said in the R5 promo? My hearing isn’t exactly pristine, but all I caught was “Who are you talking to…I’m just having a conversation with myself!”

  39. ATTENTION: Right Stuf’s Geneon sale of Ultimate Doom and Despair is back, and this time they’ve got even more stuff that nobody bought the first time around. 10 DVDs for $50, or 25 for $100. Get your New Getter Robo, Fighting Spirit/Hajime no Ippo, Requiem From the Darkness, and other exciting celestial phenomena now because things sell out pretty darned fast during these sales! The only volumes of Ippo they’re missing are 14 and the Champion Road special (Kimura vs Mashiba will not be released in America due to nobody buying Ippo).

    I picked up 14 DVDs worth of Lupin the Third TV, and between that and Ippo, 25 discs happens pretty fast. Yeah, I totally shouldn’t be spending this money, especially since I haven’t watched any of the stuff I bought from the LAST three or four Right Stuf sales. As I’m about to move tomorrow (hopefully), I should really be spending money on furniture. Whatever, I didn’t need beds or tables anyway!

    Oh god Daryl. I had just started to like you, and now I’m back to hating you.

    Oh man, your shota community got totally deleted, didn’t it! BOO HOO HOO!

    Zac Bertschy is the internet version of Tom Cody.

    I guess that makes me the Internet version of…Billy Fish.

    Daryl, please explain why you don’t like Fate/Stay Night.

    I’ll defer answering that question since due to repeated requests, Fate/Stay Night is getting reviewed on this podcast at some point. The entire thing.

    I don’t suppose anyone could transcribe what Daryl actually said in the R5 promo?

    Don’t you see? R5 Central is not meant to be understood!

    …you’ll also end up becoming a proponent of Apocalypse 2012 theories of cosmic transformation. This fate could be yours.

    Couldn’t I at least win a bar from Hatchet Harry in a poker game? Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about getting you on here to talk about the wonderful world of Osamu Dezaki-directed shojo anime and…whatever else you feel like talking about.

    PS: Congratulations on the wedding! Either you or CB will watch the other die 50 years from now, and that’s the best case scenario!

  40. Wow, I’m really behind on internet stuff.

    But what the hell, I’ll provide some clarification on the shota thing since Daryl’s explanation is only partially correct.

    Shota covers a pretty wide range, with some directed towards men and some towards women. There’s also heterosexual shota, often involving older woman/young boy, but also sometimes with both characters the same age. Then there’s male/male shota, which also consists of both age configurations.

    There’s both female/male and male/male shota in male-oriented publications. Boys Love publishers also publish male/male shota for women, and while I’ve never actually seen female/male shota done for women, I assume it exists somewhere.

    So there you go, now you have more useless information about porn.

    As to the LJ dust-up, I feel no compunction about saying that it sucks. Not because “oh boo hoo my shota community got deleted,” but because LJ went through and suspended a ton of communities with no actual check to see whether they were pedo-oriented. So a lot of journals and communities, some of which I follow, and which had nothing to do with shota or loli porn (communities that focus on discussing Nabokov’s book Lolita, and communities dedicated to Gothic Lolita fashion, for example) got suspended for no reason.

    Yes, those accounts will be restored, thankfully. But it’s still a pretty shitty way to treat users, many of whom have shelled out good money for paid accounts and other upgrades.

    I have no problem getting people who actually hurt children off the internet. But badly handled, knee-jerk witch hunts prompted by fairly shady wingnut operations like Warriors for Innocence (for those who don’t know, the complaints weren’t from a very reputable outfit) really aren’t the answer. Especially not when it results in trouble and a feeling of unease for people who did nothing wrong, and have put a ton of time and money into both fandom and LJ specifically.

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