Anime World Order Show # 57 – If This Is Justice, Then MAH SPOON IS TOO BIG

You thought last week was pain? This week is ALL bad anime. Daryl secretly loves Angel Cop, Gerald is ashamed to own The Humanoid, and Clarissa’s blood pressure is DA BOMB when she watches Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro.

Introduction (0:00 – 24:40)
Sexy beast of the Internet Ken Arromdee writes in to ask about whether or not people are full of it when they try to say that Gunslinger Girl is not pandering loli garbage. Daryl reveals his caring, sensitive side. Also, James the Apollo Smile Enabler Denier reveals to us what Viz doesn’t want you to know regarding why they weren’t at Anime Expo this year by way of his insider connections that let him get interviews with Rintaro. Somehow we end up talking about videogames, and wouldn’t you know it: right as we say “Blu-Ray is region free” it turns out that Stranglehold is going to be region locked because GOD FORBID people reverse import the game to see Hard Boiled in high definition. Idiots.

Review: The Humanoid (24:40 – 41:52)
Gerald provides a rebuttal to the accusation that we’re doing great things for people by reviewing this boring piece of detritus. Wouldn’t you know it, right as we say “CPM got the rights for free,” former CPM employee Justin Sevakis casts doubt upon that possibility. Anyway, even though Hajime Sorayama drew that box cover, no rational human being wants to remember this tripe. There’s not even a Wikipedia entry for it!

The very PROUD guy who is the main bad guy.
How could you tell?!Some of the faces we were talking about during the review

Review: Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro (41:52 – 1:07:43)
Jim from Las Vegas wants more Discipline readings, but TV’s Patrick Macias was the alpha and Max’s dad was the omega. Clarissa stumbled upon this deviance and genuinely dislikes it, which makes Gerald’s genuine love for it all the more endearing. This series broke Clarissa’s will and resolve, as did editing this segment. If we never see her again, know that Zaizen Jotaro was her downfall. DA BOMB!

Promo: Anime Pacific (1:07:43 – 1:08:43)
Just when you thought the amount of Robot Carnival references couldn’t get any greater, Dane and Alex take a breather from making fun of Americans to throw one more onto the pile! Secret spoilers: originally Daryl was going to review Robot Carnival next week, but he called an audible in post-production.

Review: Angel Cop (1:08:43 – 1:44:58)
One of the Holy Manga Video Trinity of Suck that has served Daryl well as far as providing panel material over the years. Why, just marvel at that level of detail! All would-be Special Security Force agents who wish to buy Angel Cop should do so off of via clicking that link above! Daryl could have easily made this show the “do nothing but talk about Angel Cop” episode, but instead decided to convey but a portion of its undying might to you. Worry not: Dave and Joel’s review of Angel Cop will fill in the missing gaps. To anyone who can translate Japanese: email us and we will send you an MP3 file of one seriously important Japanese discussion. If you can send us back the full unabridged text, that’d be super. Bonus points if you can time the script for us, but Daryl will do that on his own otherwise.

Closing (1:44:58 – 1:51:01)
This weekend is Anime Festival Orlando, next weekend is Yasumicon! Somewhere in between we’ll find time to finish turning in Otaku USA articles that really should have been finished a while ago, and also watch things. In a meager attempt to be poignant in the face of requests to not intensify the badness (and make no mistake: WE CAN DO THAT), Daryl is going to review the Barefoot Gen anime and manga. Clarissa’s reviewing Suzuka Volume 1 even though Funimation refuses to update the mailing address they send this stuff to, and Gerald’s not reviewing anything since he’s got an Otakon con report to dish out. Since Daryl and Clarissa weren’t present, we just might have to get someone else on here who was there. Guests? On this podcast? What a shocking concept!

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  1. Daryl, when you review Barefoot Gen I need to know if the manga ends with the four volumes that Last Gasp put out, or if theres more. I’ve heard several different stories, and I haven’t been able to confirm or deny it with any of the research I’ve tried to do myself.

  2. Ah, Violence Jack. In the manga, the Blue Kid was a trannie. Did they edit that out of the Manga Entertainment release, or was it never in the anime to begin with?

  3. Speaking of anime that sucks, it looks like ADV’s gonna be licencing Kanon. Another point scored for the terrible entity that is moe.

  4. Two new episodes of AWO have gone up, but I just wanted to add my two cents (or whatever it is after the Post Office upped the rates) to the following comment:

    It’s easy to critisize bad anime when compared to good anime, but what if all you have to compare it to is American animation?
    If one hasn’t seen much anime then the sheer look of
    [Odin] would be facinating. And the story is more complex than anything a Disney movie would have.

    On the one hand, it’s great that we have a much wider variety of anime commercially available than we did back in the day, but on the other hand, back then the average anime fan was willing to watch just about anything…let me rephrase that…the average anime fan was willing to give just about anything a look. These days, far too many otaku are only interested in a narrow range of anime titles, and aren’t even willing to speculate about the merest possibility of giving anything else a chance.

    E. Bernhard Warg
    Anime’s Frank
    Otakon Classic Track

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