Bonus – A Conversation With Colleen Clinkenbeard

Skype’s acting haywire, so we don’t have a show for THIS week either. Here then is the audio for the interview we did with Colleen Clinkenbeard at Anime Festival Orlando 2007. We’re even more addled than in the first interview.

As a result of this outrage and sham of an interview, the vile kung fu master PT Chapman did assail Daryl using his dangerous Eagle Claw technique:

Here are some video excerpts from the interview. Let us pray that the next show can be recorded and released!

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  1. I do not know if I am crazy but I really enjoyed this show also :S
    Anyhow, it was hilarious when Daryl when you took the call while doing the interview.

  2. Nah, you’re not crazy Rosales because I as well enjoyed this interview (or maybe we are both crazy). Overall, how many people did you interview at the con?

  3. If you died from that strangulation, Daryl, take pride that you did it in a snazzy tie.

    BTW, was the Robot Carnival review mentioned a while back delayed or canceled altogether?

  4. So I finally found the pre-order for Phoenix 12.
    They apparently attributed it to the Claymore author. Tekkon Kinkreet was also wrongly attributed to Masashi Kishimoto. Unfortunately, I ended up putting the translator’s name first on that, but I figure as long as Matsumoto is in there somewhere, that’s what counts.

  5. Daryl, nobody is saying that you shouldn’t edit the show. That’s ludicrous. What we’re saying is that it shouldn’t take you so long to do it. We edit the GeekNights in like 5 minutes each night. So by the math, it should take 15 minutes to edit a three-hour episode of AWO.

    Learn it!

  6. Unfortunately, per my current approach, the only way I could edit 3 hours in 15 minutes is to channel the power of Mike Jittlov. Maybe someone can get me a green wizard robe with gold stars on it. Then should a sequel to The Wizard Party get made, I could be in it.

    With my current method, the absolute fastest possible time I could achieve for editing the show would be real-time, which is to say the total edit time would be about two hours. But right now it takes a minimum of about two or three hours per 30 minutes, just like it has since the beginning. It’s no longer really an issue of not knowing how to use the software or applying audio filters. It’s an issue of having to listen to the entire thing and make edits on a per-sentence/word basis.

    I can think of two options to expedite my editing process. Option A would be to simply NOT re-listen to the entire recording, opting instead to visually scan the waveform for lengthy pauses and other obvious errata. I believe you’ve mentioned running a custom script that’s able to automatically identify and excise sections of lengthy silence in the GeekNights recordings, which I understand are edited immediately after the recording is completed and so any negative cutting is in the form of entire sections of conversation that are relatively fresh in your mind.

    This is quite effective and it’s probably why you can edit the show as fast as you do, but I don’t know if I can really utilize that method since there aren’t THAT many lengthy pauses in our recordings. The waveform of me getting a phone call and running off stage looks no different than the waveform of me asking a question; the only way to determine that “wow, this entire section should be removed completely” is to listen through the recording in its entirety.

    Most of our edits are for the sake of clarity rather than eliminating dead time. Notice how the lead-ins to my questions in this recording and the last aren’t actually proper lead-ins at all: they’re just me rambling and stalling for time as I try to actually think of a real question. The same thing happens during the regular show, and so repeated passes are needed to actually pull out the semi-intelligent thought I’ve got, should one exist. On average, I’d say it’s at least five passes per sentence. It takes me about as long to make Internet posts; I have been editing, previewing, and re-editing this post alone for something like 90 minutes. I’d install a PHPBB forum since having forums is the OTHER critical rule of podcasting, but then I’d have to moderate them. After setting up utterly ridiculous, arbitrary, and semi-vague rules, of course.

    So Option A, while excellent and preferred, is probably not possible to accomplish. Option B is writing down exactly what I’m going to say beforehand and reading from that. I actually used to do this for about the first 40-50 or so shows (writing exactly how I’d ordinarily speak so as not to sound like the Right Stuf podcast), and it dramatically reduces the editing time and length of my review segments. If I do not do this, my recorded segment length is generally doubled to about 30-40 minutes. The problem is that it doesn’t actually save time in the long run; the same time that would be spent on editing the extra recorded audio is now spent on additional pre-preparation. I want to say it’s the better route to go anyway since it results in more coherent reviews, but nobody ever–EVER–tells me when a review I did was bad so I have no idea. It takes me about a day or two to write each of my Otaku USA articles. I’m not getting any faster at THAT, either.

    The Marc Handler interview is so addled and disjointed on my part (and it was just me by myself that time) that I will edit that entire thing before posting it. It is also 30 minutes longer than the other two interviews. Perhaps I will include about 30 seconds of the unedited footage followed immediately by the 3 seconds of worthwhile footage contained within. But that’s not the next thing we’re posting; it’ll probably be Gerald’s Otakon report, the raw audio of which ended up being 100 minutes long.

    Computer technology has advanced enough since my Athlon 64 / SDRAM setup that my next “upgrade” will have to consist of entirely new components. I will therefore have two complete and functioning computers by the time it’s done, leaving one for just a server/home theater PC. Perhaps I’ll look into figuring out how to run Ventrilo servers then.

  7. Paul’s Eagle Claw is frightening to behold!

    I could take him, however. My formless ‘Drunken Red Ass Monkey’ style is without peer.

    What I want to know is, does Daryl now speak with an artifical voicebox, like Chunjo in ‘Return of the Streetfighter’?

  8. Daryl, if it makes you feel any better it takes me a while to edit my show down. I think my thought process works similarly to yours, but there are times where I’ll choke out a phrase to two and have maybe 10 seconds of dead air before I speak again.

    What I really need is a tone generator button–a software blooper button. Something I can press when I flub a line so that I get a couple of nice distinctive tones that are easy to see in the waveform.

    As far as these audience Q&A-driven interviews go, I think this is an excellent model to follow, coming as it does from Scrym and put into practice by the aWo gang.

    Of course I know they didn’t invent the bloody method, but it’s certainly nice to have something that’s actually clearly audible and flows fairly well.

  9. Just a thought: Why are nipples on an adult woman in the new Flame of Recca somehow more “controversial” than an Arina Tanemura one-shot in Shojo Beat which has a light-hearted take on a child predator? That’s not to say it endorses his behavior, but the joke is that the lead girl is so cute, that he was among her “suitors”. And the way Tanemura portrays one of them trying to lure her away with candy as comic relief makes me feel icky; it also makes that re-written line in Inu Yasha look tame, by comparison.

  10. Viz’s censorship policies are so incredibly inconsistent in their application that I just don’t bother to try and fathom any sort of logical reasoning to them anymore. At least those earlier volumes of Phoenix are (supposedly) back in print.

    BTW, was the Robot Carnival review mentioned a while back delayed or canceled altogether?

    I forgot to respond to this in my previous comment, but I’ll be talking about Robot Carnival in Show # 59. Due to being really lengthy, we’ll probably split up Show # 58 into two segments, one just for Gerald’s Otakon report and one for the rest of the episode.

    I’ve spent much of the last week catching up on Pluto. Why are so many awesome manga scanlation projects IRC-only releases, anyway? Can they really be scared of legal repercussions when the people who scanlate the manga titles that actually sell (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note) are as high profile as they are?

    Anyway, on the subject of scans: I don’t know if I’ll have time to review it anytime soon, but I recommend Ressentiment by Kengo Hanazawa. It’s like Chobits…combined with the stark grim nature of reality that is Welcome to the NHK.

  11. Yeah they are and I am loving it. Now every is suppose to already have the DVD of Phoenix vol 1 in pre-order, come on it was 11 dollars from the right stuff some weeks ago!

  12. I’m probably gonna buy Phoenix with that Jungle Emperor Leo MB released a while back, because it wasn’t annoying like “The Lion King”.

  13. What I really need is a tone generator button–a software blooper button. Something I can press when I flub a line so that I get a couple of nice distinctive tones that are easy to see in the waveform.

    You could try the method suggested by the Podcasting for Dummies podcast: smack your lips loudly three times, then look for three successive spikes when editing.

    E. Bernhard Warg
    Anime’s Frank
    Otakon Classic Video Track

  14. “Paprika” is screening still.

    A second round in Connecticut mid-September that I know of.

    So the DVD will be months away still?
    Christmas time?

    David A

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