Anime World Order Show # 71a – AX 2008 News Roundup

Show 71 ran a little long, so here’s just the news segment rounding up what transpired at Anime Expo 2008. It’s not as well-edited as usual due to a broken monitor plus writing deadlines, so bear with it.

You want show notes? I got your show notes right here. Also, go to Barnes & Noble or wherever and buy the latest issue of Otaku USA because we wrote articles in it that are AWESOME:

We TRIPLE DOG DARE you to find a better manifesto on Fullmetal Alchemist and its neo-shonen trappings!

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  1. Baccano certainty felt like it was done when it finished airing on Japanese TV, at least to me. The extra DVD episodes felt like more of an epilogue.

    Either way, it sounds like Gonzo is getting what they deserved. 90% of their shows are crap, so I was glad to hear that things aren’t looking so bright for them.

  2. Hahaha Wildarmsheero. Yeah, that is my pixiv account. I did a sketch of Daryl in my Sociology notebook about a year or so ago, but the card was done sometime last fall. In our card game, I have a Moe card (with Moe from the Simpsons dressed as a maid), so I wanted to draw an antithesis to that card. Hence the Daryl Surat card. Interestingly, I still have yet to draw Loli-labeled cards, but I guess it’s all in the mind of the beholder at this point.

    Also, if you look closely, you can see Hokoto no Daryl is carrying a clown pistol.

    I think I still have plans for a Rapeface Gerald card, but need some time to do that.

  3. Oh, and I don’t really live in Tokyo. I just clicked on the first thing that looked appropriate. I still need to see if they have an “overseas” listing in their drop-down menu.

  4. I watched a little anime on sci-fi recently. The only thing I really liked was Gurren Lagann. They really need to put Gundam on there quick, cause the only other thing they show is Street Fighter Alpha, which is really crappy.

    But the dub is not really that good either, whoever does Kamina isn’t all that great anyway. It’s definitely a good try, but they need to do subs, not dubs.

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