Anime World Order Show # 82b – Chow Yun-Fat Has The REAL Tequila Shotgun

Show 82 concludes with Daryl’s review of Bartender and Clarissa’s review of One Outs. But first, a special voice mail from the ONE AND ONLY Vic Mignogna, who tells us all about his experience at Whack-a-Nerd at Anime Festival Orlando! Keep your eyes on our Youtube channel for possibly related material in the near future.

You should go to our Youtube channel and feast your eyes on the majesty. And also.

Review: Bartender (1:56 – 28:46)
Clarissa has selected for Daryl this 11 episode series from 2006. It’s low-key and low keyframe, but this is the sort of thing that personifies seinen…of a sorts. The series was written by Yasuhiro Imagawa during his “I’m done with directing, I’ll just stick to writing stuff” phase which was basically a seven year stretch between Seven of Nana (his attempt to ride the moe wave which failed because it’s actually for little girls only instead of pretending to be/also catering to older dudes) and Shin Mazinger Z. This is the Golgo 13 of food anime. To find out WHY, listen on! TJ from Chicago thinks we should get Carl Horn as a guest on the show. We also think that, but unfortunately he has no microphone/headset/Skype or cell phone, so we’d have to get him when he’s at home and has nothing better to do. As they’d say in Super Hyper Mega Bloody Ultra Cosmo Death Extravaganza X-23 II: Electric Boogaloo, that’s our story and we’re…stuck with it.

This sort of thing does not happen in Bartender, as many were hoping. That said, I’m 100% certain that bottle of Jack Daniels was drawn entirely from memory.

Review: One Outs (28:46 – 58:22)
When Clarissa chooses the reviews, nobody wins but she! It’s about baseball which is fujoshi code talk for GET YOUR HOT YAOI HERE (paddle juggling optional but hopefully banned), but it’s also about gambling which is code talk for ZAWA ZAWA. For a reminder on what the deal is with gambling anime and such, do go back and listen to our review of Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji – The Suffering Pariah ~ The Ultimate Survivor. We just wanted an excuse to write out that full title. ZAWA!

Promo: R5 Central (58:22 – 58:54)
Mike Dent just hit his four year anniversary, which puts him at Show 60 on the dot. For this relatively laser-free edition, he’s interviewing Bey Logan, the smartest English-speaking man on the planet when it comes to Asian action cinema and thus the best candidate to run Dragon Dynasty. The quality of some of the latest DD releases were a little below their usually high standards, but all that gets covered in the interview. Be sure to leave your comments regarding what you think…over there, that is!

Closing (58:54 – 1:05:47)
The next episode of AWO…may take a little while to come out. But what else is new, right? We’ve all got panels at Anime Weekend Atlanta which is but a few short weeks away…so maybe we should start working on them! But once that’s over, Daryl will be losing his mind over Sword of the Stranger, Gerald’s throwing the kids out of the pool for Astro Fighter Sunred, and Clarissa couldn’t think of anything in time to counteract Daryl’s suggestion of Ristorante Paradiso so she’s doing that. In the meantime, Daryl did a second guest appearance on Anime 3000 which you can download here.

Just as a reminder, the contest is still going! Email us once with suggestions for all three of us regarding what we should review in a future episode! You may only suggest one title for each of us, and in order to win, all three of us must agree to each of our suggested reviewers. We will select at least one winner, and that person will receive a FABULOUS PRIZE. 10 runners-up will also receive FABULOUS PRIZES courtesy of Green Mustard Productions. So get those suggestions in!

21 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 82b – Chow Yun-Fat Has The REAL Tequila Shotgun”

  1. Great show lady and gentlemen. I have not heard of either of the shows but now I will need to check them out. I am surprised that you did not do a news section about ADV Films seeming to go away. This would have delayed the podcast since the press release was today and you guys just may have wanted to get an episode out before Labor Day. Keep up the good work and have a blast at AWA.

  2. You know, it's funny. I was going to mention in an e-mail that you guys should take a look at Astro Fighter Sunred. Great to hear it's getting reviewed, it's one of my favorite shows as of recent years honestly.

  3. I agree, you guys have been putting out some great shows recently, keep up the great work!

    I totally agree with your views on Studio Madhouse; I find it really refreshing that they are capable of doing consistently high grade work in virtually every genre and age demographic. I love studios like Sunrise, but you can't deny that they basically exist solely to do mech shows.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the results of the contest, and to hear your take on the whole ADV situation.

  4. When drinking, one must ask oneself: am I wearing a three-piece suit, bowtie, and discussing the history of The Great Game whilst pondering the finish of a particularly complex single malt scotch?

    If not, you're not doing it right.

    Incidentally, I recently had a 1981 Karuizawa single malt that was exceptional.

    Bartender sounds interesting. If any of you come to NYC again, I'll take you to Angel's Share, the Japanese whiskey and cocktail bar where the bartenders mix cocktails with a precision generally reserved for diffusing a bomb.

  5. So Daryl was half right. ADV the label no longer exists. But the company still survived the Sojitz Yakuza, which is enough for me.

  6. Your review of the Bartender anime format quickly reminded me of this:

    I haven't seen Bartender, but these shorts might be entirely inspired by it.

  7. There are a lot of Bartender-like bars in NYC – yes, they're expensive. $12 a drink or so.

    Noah drinks Rusty Nails all the time. He can even make them at home.

  8. Also just a goddamn minute here – "An Erin Weekend" would never involve Pabst! That is the piss-tasting beer of hipsters. An "Erin Weekend" is drinking mid-range priced wine while watching "Drops of God". (Although Noah loled.)

    In response to Gerald, we do think a "Sex on the Beach" recipe is given in one episode of Bartender, although it is not the featured drink of the episode.

  9. Milo: Those shorts are astonishingly pro and are much in keeping with the series. It makes me wish I had my own HD camera, ability to write creatively, and ability to shoot/light/edit video. That way I too could do important things like this guy. Gerald did just buy a HD camcorder, but getting pictures/videos from that guy is like pulling teeth because he doesn't like my awful, horrendous, scummy, exploitative practice of…y'know…actually posting them publicly.

    "An Erin Weekend" would never involve Pabst! That is the piss-tasting beer of hipsters.

    I see no conflict in these statements…?

    Do the reviews we ask you guys to do include one shot manga?

    Sure. In fact, it might even help as far as the selecting goes because we do generally watch the entire series before reviewing it. So if you recommend a series that's "Sunrise mecha show" length (~50 episodes), that can potentially work against you.

  10. I'm surprised that you didn't mention "chanoyu" at all during the Bartender review.




  11. The word "diffuse" has never been used anywhere on this site, and I being a supreme spelling God would never make such a mistake. So unless you're making fun of Gerald for being a foreigner, what the Hell are you talking about?

  12. The creator of Bartender, Araki Joe, really does know his alcohol, because not only did he create Bartender, about a Bartender, but he created Sommelier, about a Sommelier, and La Sommeliere, about a female Sommelier.

    As you can tell, he comes up with some pretty creative titles.

  13. Daryl, everything you said about me on this episode is slanderous! You damn well know that I love Bartender, you commented on my 10 page long blog post about me loving bartender!

    Also, my translation of that episode was better than the other group's translation!! And anyway, he really does say that he makes the bar tender!!!

    Also, the only reason SADTRW dropped that series is because another group picked it up, as our policy was when we still illegally translated Japanese animation!!!!

    You should consult with me in the future before unleashing such lies upon the world.

  14. I recently read in the Bible that Madhouse is God.

    Apart from that, thanks again for the entertaining reviews.

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