Bonus – Otakon 2009 Press Conference, Japanese Creators

Courtesy of the Ani-Gamers Podcast at, here is the Otakon 2009 press conference for Japanese guests Noboru Ishiguro, Masao Maruyama, Yukio Kikukawa, and Hidenori Matsubara. Gerald and Clarissa were in attendance, as were several others. A-G edited it so we don’t have to, so go over there to download it!

Anime Weekend Atlanta panel preparations are still taking up our free time, so if you’ll be there be sure and attend our panels: Doujin World (18+), History of Hentai (18+), Black Jack: Tezuka’s Dark Doctor, the Panel OF DOOM!, and Anime’s Craziest Deaths!

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  1. I've never been to an American style anime convention, but I'd like to watch a few panels and see what the deal is. Are there never any panels recorded in full and put on the web?

  2. @Sceleris: A couple of us anime podcasters will post panel audio every once in a while, but really the multimedia focus of a panel makes it better suited to video. Your best bet is to look stuff up on YouTube – I know that a lot of voice actor panels get posted on there.

  3. @Evan Minto: Yes, my mistake, I was thinking specifically about video recordings of (at least somewhat) educational fan panels. But good tip, I actually found a few that seem all right.

  4. I dunno. Am I a dick for being annoyed by the media over-exposure of Baby Jessica, while wanting to know if the Crayon Shin Chan creator's alright?

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