AWA 2009 – Anime’s Craziest Deaths Title Listing

Here’s a listing of the titles shown at the AWA 2009 edition of the Anime’s Craziest Deaths panel. Actually, some of them might not have been shown due to time constraints, but I’ll list them anyway. If you want to learn more about these titles, click the links where applicable and it’ll take you to our review of the show (where applicable), so please listen! If you liked the panel, be sure to post what you thought about it and request that it come back next year over at the AWA message board!

Angel Cop (shown last year)
Apocalypse Zero (shown last year)
Baccano! (shown last year)
Battle Angel
Battle Royal High School
Black Lagoon
Blood: The Last Vampire
City Hunter
Crystal Triangle
Cyber City Oedo 808
Cybernetics Guardian
Dai Mahou Touge (this is the talking vegetables one)
Demon City Shinjuku (shown last year)
Dirty Pair (Flight 005 Conspiracy)
Fairy Princess Minky Momo
Fist of the North Star
Getter Robo (original + Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, but oddly enough not the one I linked to, New Getter Robo, despite it being the most gory)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Golgo 13 (The Professional)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Lupin the Third (Dead or Alive)
Macross: Do You Remember Love?
Mad Bull 34
MD Geist
Mobile Suit Gundam
Riding Bean
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
Shigurui: Death Frenzy (from the creator of Apocalypse Zero)
Space Pirate Captain Harlock (SSX)
Space Runaway Ideon
Space Transformers
Sword of the Stranger
Vampire Hunter D
Violence Jack
Wicked City
Zambot 3

If you have any suggestions for crazy deaths you’d like to see included, be sure to send them our way! (No hentai titles, please.) The next episode is not yet recorded. If you must hear something we made, you can listen to this: it’s what Daryl sent to Anime Pulse to congratulate them on their 200th episode.

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  1. Sadly, the craziest death I can think of is in RL with Yoshito Usui. Someone poor a box of Koala Yummies on the ground for my dead homie.

  2. what was the anime that was showed torwards the start of Anime Crazy Deaths at AWA that had the helecopter shooting those kids?

    1. That was the very beginning of the second episode of Genocyber. All 5 episodes of Genocyber were released on one DVD, but unfortunately that DVD is currently out of print. I'm hoping it gets relicensed and reprinted, but in the meantime you could easily get it off of BitTorrent.

  3. Hm, how about Dagger of Kamui? There's some funky deaths in there but I nominate near the end, where Jiro stabs…oh, god, the main antagonist…Tengu? right in the top of his head.

    Well, *I* thought it was pretty crazy.

    There's a great scene in Yamato 2 (NOT in Star Blazers) where some Comet Empire dudes stop off at this planet filled with Space Dinosaurs, one eats a soldier so the head guy shoots the dino, then they leave and BLOW THE WHOLE PLANET UP!
    (episode 10 if you're looking around for it)

    That'll show those space dinosaurs!

  4. I noticed you added a few crazy deaths from last year that I was expecting, like the deadly drink from Flight 005 Conspiracy.

    The only crazy death I can think of is from Yu Yu Hakusho, where Young Toguro berates the manager of the Dark Tournament for relieving Yuusuke from battles, thereby not forcing him to push harder or grow stronger before their match.

    Y. Toguro then gently flicks the manager's forehead, causing his head to EXPLODE instantly.

  5. This is a solid list and I am pleased to see Cyber City on there. I'm probably going to start watching Baccano next weekend so I'm looking forward to it even more since it's also on this list.

  6. What death from Mobile Suit Gundam was in there? The only weird/funny death from a Gundam show that I can think of was the women who got hit in the head with a giant shell casing in Gundam F91.
    The only suggestion I'd make is the rip-off-your-own-head suicide from Xam'd. To few people ever watched that show.

    1. What death from Mobile Suit Gundam was in there?

      Movie 3, where jetpack Char space bazookas Lady Kycilia's head clean off, blowing up the ship in the process. To think I went to all that effort to get the Victory Gundam bit where the bikini girls get beam saber evaporated, and then I didn't actually run it.

      The Dagger of Kamui is a good choice (the character's name is Tenkai). I think I didn't go with it because it might remind people too much of Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past. That's not an issue outside of AWA, though.

      I recall Yu Yu Hakusho having some weird stuff, but it's so darned long that I couldn't really go through hundreds of episodes. The panel list, as you can see, is roughly 40 titles long. That means I had to personally watch through all 40 of these titles and then some to get the scenes. So if you have any suggestions from TV shows, I request that you provide a specific episode number so that I could more quickly find it.

  7. Raoh Gaiden: Ten no Haoh (My case says "Legends of the Dark Kings", but that's obviously a typo) has some awesome deaths in which Raoh punch-evaporates his enemies with the same effectiveness of a Gundam lightsaber, but you definitely wouldn't want to steal any of Hokuto no Ken's thunder.

    Amon: Apocalypse of Death has some terrific deaths, one of which consists of ripping of a demon's tits and eating them, another of which consists of punching someone in the face 70 times and then punching them in the stomach with so much force that it evaporates before the fist makes contact.

  8. Mr.Surat im sure you picked up the new 13 episode roah anime, what did you think of the character design? I have yet to watch it, but I hold it in my hands as we speak,I pray to the god that this kicks ass.

  9. What I don't get is, considering the current market, why ADV, er, S.23, didn't pick up that Yuria OVA instead. Might have helped build some cross-over appeal to the series in general. Or did CR conduct a poll about the favorite HnK character, and the majority of users picked Raoh?

  10. this is already a very strong list, but i think Devilman, the blood geyser from Shadow Skill, or just about any scene from Wild Seven would do the trick. also Judge. that OAV has some way out there ridiculous, stupid shit, if memory serves.

  11. I don't consider myself an Evantologist, but I might end up checking out 1.0 this weekend, so I can fix all the karmic wrong-doing of watching the original series and movies during the pre-Torrent era without paying for Anno's therapy bills and tax shelters. [Not to mention giving something back to those unlucky animators forced to add their names to Ebichu, just because they joined the studio right after Karekano.]

    Not sure why I should pay his ass, though, if he still didn't compensate other entities he "borrowed" from for that Daicon LD, but maybe those fuckers will make one less unnecessary Gunbuster sequel and mash-up and maid show if do, so…

  12. Zeorymer I guess, all those enemies are blasted by lazer till nothing is left.

    I just watched Cyber City too about 3 days ago. Its a complete nightmare fuel 🙁

    Cant think of something more.. as the list is already splendid!

  13. loved ur comment on anime pulse I just to let you know that to never come to Eirtkaon anime con Ireland because theyre nazis i tried to hold a panel talking animes that youve mentioned over the years and they said no and its such a small con thy shouldve let me do it

  14. I just remembered that the late 80s/early 90s Devilman OAVs that Manga Entertainment brought out were chock full of crazy inviserating deaths, like a woman's body twisted apart.

  15. Man, of all the BVUSA fuck-ups, I'd say the lamest was releasing Freedom on HD-DVD. And they even recorded people watching a screening of it @ AX '07. That's as dated as watching people watch those old stag films.

    1. What about Elfen Lied? Crazy Deaths abound there.

      There is no Elfen Lied in the panel because showing clips from it might wrongly inspire people to go out and watch it.

      Such is the subversive nature of Anime's Craziest Deaths: to convince people "hey, go watch this cartoon because this happens in it." You can't convince people to watch (for example) Gundam, Ideon, Getter Robo, etc by running a mecha panel because the people who'd attend a panel with the word "mecha" or "robot" in the name already know.

      Elfen Lied could have been good, but the bad substantially outweighs anything cool in it. Maybe we should review it at some point to ruminate on why that is. If we do, I nominate Gerald for this task since I gave him the thinpak.

    2. Isn't Elfen Lied just a tween version of Mermaid Scar?

      Oh yeah, I remember my old old tape of Ranma 1/2 had a preview of Mermaid Scar right before the show. It had among things a creepy kid jabbing a guy eye out with his finger (though I don't think he died).

  16. Such is the subversive nature of Anime's Craziest Deaths: to convince people "hey, go watch this cartoon because this happens in it."

    That means you endorse Dai Mahou Touge and Minky Momo? If so, I might check it out because Dai Mahou Touge seems a lot like Dokuro-chan, which I hate.

  17. The problem with Elfen Lied is that it though it had ridiculous violence, and it had annoying moeblob creatures getting brutalized, it decided to roll the two into one, then dumped a couple of gallons of uncomfortable fetishism and sexual innuendo into the mix.

  18. By next year, I will have digitized the Layzner stuff we talked about.

    Still trying to find the Harlock SSX episode where he tricks the bad guys into de-folding right into the event horizon of a black hole. Damn fine episode. Moral: Do NOT fuck with Harlock. Ever. -Patrick

  19. I was at this panel with my brother and at one point I had to go to the restroom. When I got back, he told me I had missed the best scene out of all of them. He said it was hilarious. We tried to find it online later, but he didn’t know the name of the anime so we had no luck. From what I remember, he said something about there being a boat and someone flipping someone else off in the scene. Very little to go by, but does anyone remember which scene he might be talking about? [The name of that series you’re thinking of is Black Lagoon. You can buy the entire thing on DVD courtesy of FUNimation. It’s among the best series of the decade. I recommend it highly. –Daryl]

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