Bonus – Our Guest Appearance on Podcast Squared

We still haven’t got the next episode edited yet (because we haven’t STARTED editing it yet…) but in the meantime, the three of us were interviewed by Andrew over at Podcast Squared, a podcast which specializes in reviewing other podcasts. This was brought about as a followup to our show being reviewed in this episode in which we were declared “not terrible”! Listen and find out THE SECRETS OF HOW TO BE COOL. Or the direct opposite.

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  1. I’ve try to listen to Podcast Squared before but their podcast take forever and a day to download. you think for someone that who’s claim to fame is reviewing podcast they might invest into getting a better bandwidth deal where hey are hosting their files.

      1. Sorry, haven’t logged on for a while so I didn’t get your message. My Bad!

  2. Poor Gerald, being chosen to be the one who get eaten. This was a very entertaining interview, though it took me a very long to listen to this, since it stop every two mins or so to buffer. By this rate, you guys are going to have more guest appearances then regular show episodes.

  3. Man, this is downloading at 128KB per second. [It looks like the issue everyone is running into is Podomatic not liking it when too many people download an episode. Their response is to severely throttle the bandwidth. I just checked the link, and while it didn’t do this at first it is now downloading at dialup speed. –Daryl]

  4. I had the slow downloading speed problem as well using the “Click Here to Download” link, but I found that by going to the “the three of us were interviewed by Andrew over at Podcast Squared” link and then using their “Downlaoad” link, it was at 1.5MB/s.

  5. I cannot agree with Gerald more. I feel that most Otaku, Anime/Manga fans are radio silent. I mean, I’m guilty of that. I have been into Anime/Manga for over 12 years and I haven’t been to a single con and I rarely post on blogs. I do support the industry by purchasing anime and manga, but he’s right about most fans being silent about supporting the medium.

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