Anime Festival Orlando 2011 – Titles Shown

For those who attended AFO 2011, were frantically trying to take note of all the titles shown, were unable to do so, and were able to remember that URL given at the beginning and end of the panel, here now is the listing of the titles shown during our panels:

Awesome Action Scenes in Asian Cinema:
(Prior to official panel start)
Five Deadly Venoms
Legendary Weapons Of China
Kill Zone
Operation Scorpio (OOP)
Yes, Madam! (OOP)

Fist of Fury
Five Element Ninja
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
The Killer
Duel to the Death
Iron Angels
Fist of Legend
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars
Ip Man 2
Born to Fight
BKO: Bangkok Knockout
The Protector
Alien vs Ninja

Anime You Should Watch:
Cross Game
Sea Prince and the Fire Child
Master Keaton
Mazinkaiser SKL
Summer Wars
Urusei Yatsura
Millennium Actress
Michiko e Hatchin
The Tatami Galaxy
Eden of the East
Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

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  1. Hey man, that’s a good list! Just wanted to let you know you can buy Tatami Galaxy from Siren Visual in Australia They have a fair number of noitaminA shows as well so you might wanna look em up. [Note: Australia’s DVDs are Region 4 and America’s DVDs are Region 1. These DVDs will therefore not play in a US DVD player without modification. That’s is also why I didn’t link to the Region 2 Hong Kong Legends editions where applicable. –Daryl]

  2. Are the films with great action scenes, great or, at least, good films in total? Would love to show some in our (AnimeNEXT) live action room but I figure I should make sure beforehand just in case I don’t have a chance to see the whole film.

    1. The short answer to your question is “for the most part, yes.” Gorgeous is a romantic comedy that just so happens to have 3 spectacular action sequences in it, so it’s not the best fit for an anime convention’s live action room. The Thai action movies tend to be stupendously awful with the exception of the action scenes, but watched in a group they might just so bad they’re funny. Born to Fight is like a modern-era Gymkata, and BKO: Bangkok Knockout has some hilariously stupid English “acting.”

      Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars, like most Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung/Yuen Biao films of the era, is relatively light on action–the fights are actually trimmed down from what was originally shot–and much heavier on comedy, to be in keeping with what the audiences wanted at the time. By “comedy” I mean “Hong Kong movie comedy,” which is incredibly broad, goofy, slapstick that misses among US audiences much more than it hits. It’s also a sequel; the first movie was entitled My Lucky Stars. Continuity is minimal to nonexistent among Asian action movie sequels–and putting “Lucky Star” something on an anime con schedule will probably draw a crowd liable to be let down by what they end up getting–but you probably wouldn’t show Ip Man 2 (aka Rocky IV, the greatest Rocky) without first showing the original.

  3. These are some really good picks. Lots of variety!

    How do I get a hold of a copy of Iron Angels with subs? The only copy of it on is $20, plus an extra $10 for shipping as I’m in Scotland, plus it doesn’t look legit. I don’t mind getting bootlegs, but official releases are obviously preferred. Been looking to check it out for ages. I love Moon Lee, but not enough of her films have decent releases.

    Is My Lucky Stars the first one? I always thought Winners and Sinners was, but I could be wrong. It doesn’t matter anyway, you could easily skip that one out as it’s easily the weakest of all the “Three Brothers” films.

    Oh, I should have my laptop back online next week so I’ll be able to rip those Bey Logan commentaries for you. A while back I took down the full list of films between my brother and I that have commentary, so just let me know which ones you need and I’ll get on it. That’ll hopefully be proper thanks for how awesome the podcast is!

    Here’s the full list of Bey Logan commentaries I have [I’ll italicize the ones I already have…actually I think I have more than this, so I’ll edit this once I check –Daryl]:

    A Better Tomorrow (Optimum Asia)
    Bullet in the Head (HKL)
    Chinese Ghost Story (HKL)
    City Hunter (HKL)
    City on Fire (HKL)
    Crime Story (HKL)
    Detective Dee (Cineasia)
    Disciples of the 36th Chamber (DD)
    Dragon Lord (HKL)
    Dragons Forever (HKL)
    Duel to the Death (HKL)
    Encounters of a Spooky Kind (HKL)
    Fist of Fury (HKL)
    Fist of Legend (Cineasia)
    Five Deadly Venoms (DD)
    Flaming Brothers (HKL)
    Fong Sai Yuk (Cineasia)
    Full Contact (HKL)
    Game of Death (HKL)
    Game of Death 2 (HKL)
    Heroes of the East (DD)
    Hong Kong 1941 (HKL)
    The Iceman Cometh (HKL)
    Invisible Target (Cineasia)
    Ip Man 2 (Cineasia)
    Iron Fisted Monk (HKL)
    The Killer (HKL)
    Killzone (Cineasia)
    Little Big Soldier (Cineasia)
    Magnificent Butcher (HKL)
    Miracles (HKL)
    My Lucky Stars (HKL)
    Naked Weapon (HKL)
    Ninja in the Dragon’s Den (HKL)
    Odd Couple (HKL)
    Once a Thief (HKL)
    Once Upon a Time in China 1-3 (HKL)
    Police Story 1-2 (HKL)
    Police Story 3 (DD)
    Prodigal Son (HKL)
    Project A (HKL)
    Project A Part 2 (HKL)
    Purple Storm (HKL)
    The Rebel (DD)
    Red Wolf (HKL)
    Righting Wrongs (DD)
    Shanghai Express (DD)
    Swordsman (HKL)
    Tai Chi Boxer (HKL)
    Tai Chi Master (Cineasia)
    Tiger on the Beat (HKL)
    Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars (HKL)
    Way of the Dragon (HKL)
    Wheels on Meals (HKL)
    Young Master (HKL)
    Young Bruce Lee (Cineasia)

  4. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I found it! During your panel, I was trying forever to remember every movie you said, but basically what stuck was “Shaw Brothers.” Then I didn’t have anything to write down the URL. Thanks to my good friend, Google! I gotta say, yours was one of my favorite panels and thanks a lot for the DVDs you were handing out after. My brother and I got Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, and it’s now up there on my list with Tokyo Gore Police for movies you gotta just watch.

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