Anime World Order Show # 99 – We’re All Your Problems and Luftballons

This is the most un-weekly podcast ever. It’s been yet another month since episodes. You know what we were doing during that time? Being at Otakon 2011, followed by Anime Festival Orlando 2011. This is our convention report for the former.

As far as guest appearances go: Daryl was on Ed Sizemore’s Manga Out Loud podcast talking about “why do they come to the anime con” with Charles Dunbar. Yes, eventually it does contain stuff you haven’t heard mentioned on this podcast. Near future installments of the OSMCast! will feature Gerald talking with the guys about…uh…”the new Makoto Shinkai movie,” and another episode in which Daryl talks about Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: The Sacred Star of Milos. In the meantime, Daryl was also a guest on The Greatest Movie EVER! yet again, this time talking about the undisputed greatest film of 2011, Drive Angry starring Nicolas Cage and William Fichtner as themselves. Daryl is also a guest on the ANNCast along with Mike Toole, who we will have back on this podcast at uh, some point. But WHEN? There is a new poll for you to vote on, and the one with the most–OR PERHAPS LEAST–votes will be the winner!

We actually did a Let’s News segment again! It’s about the launch of the new digital manga web portal thingy JManga. We talk about what they’re doing right and what they really need to change. In so doing, we touch upon most all of digital comics distribution overall.

Promo: Anime Graruru
You know how freaking long it’s been since we ran a promo on this podcast? Forever. It’s not that we hate people. Part of it is that people don’t send us promos that often, but the main part is that we just keep forgetting to put them in places. I don’t know what a Graruru is, nor would I have understood what the heck the name of this podcast even was had they not literally spelled it out for us in this promo. But whatever. Every episode of this podcast features two dudes talking about something that is probably pretty damn good. Except for Bakemonogatari. And Angel Beats. Fuck that bullshit.

You know what’s better than those? This Youtube video:

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  1. Hahah, yeah I made Anime Graruru when I was 14, now 4 years later I decided to pick it up again. Graruru is this shitty character I made back then for some shitty short stories for English class. I don’t know why I named my podcast after it, but because I already had the site and accounts set up for it Andy and I decided to use it.

    Thanks a lot for playing our promo!

  2. AMEN about the Javits center. I think it took me like 45 minutes the last time to find the anime portion of the convention. You need to ALWAYS bring food and money because they like to rape you with the prices of those (a bottle of water was like $3.75).

    Oh and I hear you about the crappy exchange rate now. Fucking sucks and I had to cut WAY down my collecting (I mostly just get Figma now).

    Clarissa, is this the Creamy Mami figure you were talking about?

    Anyway, I want to hear Clarissa’s report on Comiket soon.

  3. Dragon*Con is across five hotels now. It just gets more and more ridiculous. At least this year, there’s almost a month between D*C and AWA, with AWA being at the very end of the month.

  4. I know plenty of anime people who aren’t neither big mecha or Gundam fans but have bought Gunpla at some point. Gunpla always gets reference, or shown in the background, in otaku centric shows like Genshiken, Lucky Star and I assume they showed up at some point in that recent sister incest show. Maybe your average anime fan buys at least one Gunpla out of impulse as its the otaku thing to do, regardless of real interest in the hobby.

  5. Who pissed in your cheerios? Is there any reason as to why you think Bakemonogatari is bad?
    Any justification what so ever? [This is the justification. Have a nice day! –Daryl]

  6. As you near your 163rd~? episode, may I make a suggestion? You guys should review something BIG for the next episode, Like Utena or Gunbusters or APOCALYPSE ZERO, or even review entire concepts such as THE UNIVERSE!
    P.S. The Lets News comeback was awesome.

  7. I was one of the last people to get into Anime’s Craziest Death’s at Otakon (the amount of people shut out could have probably filled half the room again). I enjoyed it immensely, having never been exposed to Violence Jack or Lily Cat (or pretty much most of the shows). I loved the opening clip with Golgo 13. He just couldn’t let that guy soliloquize while falling off the tallest building ever.

  8. As a Journey fan I’m disheartened to hear nerds are going to run that song into the ground all because of stupid shit like Glee.

  9. Umezu Kazuo no Noroi 1990 is a great horror anime!
    By Japans scary man Kazuo Umezu!!
    Fansubbed by BOX so check it out.

    Hey for episode 100 why not review Devilman and Mazinger zed, do a Go Nagai supershow!!


    [Don’t enter fake email addresses, because they get flagged as spam. Don’t make low-content posts, such as this one consisting of just an image macro, even if it is custom-made for us. If we’re not pronouncing someone’s name correctly, tell us which name, who is doing it, and what the correct pronunciation should be. I don’t know Japanese. I don’t even know katakana. But if something specific is wrong, then I’ll correct myself. –Daryl]


      My specific beef is with Satoshi Kon. Ko is not pronounced “kaw”. I can’t remember which one of you says it like that, but it drives my up a wall. There are other things that are a bit off-kilter, but they aren’t as prominent.

      Don’t take this as a “YOU’RE TERRIBLE PEOPLE OMG”, ’cause ya’ll have a fantastic show.

      (and I’m using my real email address)

      1. You have to remember that Gerald is from South Africa. Actually, I’m a little disappointed that his accent isn’t MORE pronounced. I want him to sound like Joss Ackland: “Diplomatic immunity!

        Podcasts, being largely an audio medium, should always be going head to head in the Anglosphere. I’d like to see AWO feature more guests with strong provincial accents, along the lines of “Soo desu innit?”

  11. Huh, I coulda swore Gerald pronounced it “EvanGALLYLion”. I personally miss the days of Chris Claremont-influenced gratuitous accents in manga translations.

  12. I raged so friggin’ hard when I found out REDLINE wasn’t showing! Ah well, hopefully a NA theater release is in the works.

    Still had a great time though, even if I missed all but one panel. I had to skip Anime 101 for the Noburo Ishiguro panel. I even saw him wandering around the dealer’s room on Sunday.

    Also, I’d like Daryl to know that after seeing that fight that was played before Anime’s Craziest Deaths (The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter clip) I went out and bought that movie less than a week after.

    Thanks for another great episode!

  13. An OVA adaptation of Junji Ito’s manga GYO is coming soon. Perhaps that will be a decent horror anime. Personally, I would like to see a faithful adaptation of UZUMAKI.

  14. I do remind myself you’ve talked about horror anime sometime 2-3 years ago as well. Nothing new here!

    I bet that “first dubbed anime” thing was what I stuck up on YouTube a while back. I was glad to share that outside the few fogies who had it in their film collection I bought it from (Korochan the Little Bear).

    Shame you didn’t talk to the GAGA guy, as I would’ve loved to have known more about that promo tape too.

    Glad to see this episode popped up on my 34th birthday, thanks guys!

  15. are you talking about the peperink guy. I’ve seen him at NYAF a few times he has been doing timelaps stuff at his work to post on youtube.
    Also that sounds like how the FUNI sets up their booth. they have a strange hidden corners for stuff like their anime channel.

    So thanks for the advice about dealers rooms.
    Someone fell asleep? Darn I’m already committed to buying the limited edition for the bandanna. So take a notebook. Yeah Javits center is hard to navigate with NYCC/NYAF. First morning we walked down the wrong escalator to find the Anime getto / just get out of the show floor/dealers room and almost got sent back to the general entrance mega line. We talked our way to a back hallway that wasn’t guarded very well. Actually we used some advice of I learned on this podcast look like you belong there. This year we have press passes because we’re members of a video review website. I think that will help get us where we need to go on time.

  16. Why don’t you guys like Angel Beats? I personally loved it. There are problems with it but it is good.

  17. Ha, what a coincidence! This is the first time AWO mentions Jmanga starting up, and I’m just first listening to this podcast the month that Jmanga is closing down. Ha ha, yeah….

    Viz and Dark Horse are great places to get digital manga. Fortunately for me, I never decided to buy/rent any manga from them. Oh yeah for Android users such as myself, the Nook app has yen press manga among others. It’s good too, if anyone was wondering.

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