List of Titles Shown at AnimeNEXT 2018

Here is a list of the titles we showed at our panels at AnimeNEXT 2018. We probably should have put this up weeks ago.

Anime in Non-Anime
President Obama Thanks Shinzo Abe
PBS Station Bumper
Travel Oregon
Arby’s Social Media
Kenshiro Sells Coffee
Soupa Saiyan Restaurant
Dragon Ball Central America Diplomatic Incident
Dallas Mavericks
Steven Adama
WWE’s The Bar Fusion
Kemono Friends of Jericho
John Cena Ouran High School Host Club
John Cena Fist of the North Star
One Piece Jazz Basketball
Green Bay Packers
Tokyo Olympics
World Baseball Classic
MMA Fighter Andrew Tate Changes His Mind
Janny Medvedev
Evgenia Medvedeva
Samuel L. Jackson
Steve Jobs
Mads Mikkelson
Britney Spears
Michael B Jordan
Guillermo del Toro
John Boyega
Pacific Rim: Uprising
Eurovision – Hungary
Snoop Dogg
Joel Kim
Boy Turns Super Saiyan to Survive Bees
Naruto Headband Saves Life on Queens Subway
Ankara, Turkey Respects the Robot
Is This a Pigeon meme
Scooby Doo and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery
Amazing World of Gumball
Steven Universe and Junji Ito
The Office
Hatsune Miku Enriches Scarlett Johansson and David Letterman
Robin Williams

Best Anime Openings of the 1980s
City Hunter 2
ZZ Gundam
Saint Seiya
Flying House
Super Book
Space Adventure Cobra
Heaven Wars Shurato
Superdimensional Fortress Macross
Dirty Pair: Project EDEN
Armored Trooper VOTOMS
Kimagure Orange Road
Genesis Climber Mospeada
Fist of the North Star 2
Hai! Akko Desu
Future Police Urashiman
Zeta Gundam
Prefectural Earth Defense Force
Mobile Police Patlabor
Dragon Ball Z
Lensman: Galactic Patrol
Mister Ajikko
Stop! Hibari-kun
Panzer World Galient
Aura Battler Dunbine
Metal Armor Dragonar
Urusei Yatsura
Go-Q-Choji Ikkiman
That goofy Disco Captain Harlock OP which technically didn’t come out until the 80s

Remembering Studio Ghibli’s Isao Takahata (1935 – 2018)
The King and the Mockingbird
Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon
Underworld’s Biggest Showdown
Ken the Wolf Boy
Hustle Punch
Horus: Prince of the Sun
Gegege no Kitaro
Lupin the Third
The Phantom Pippi Longstocking
Panda, Go Panda!
Heidi, Girl of the Alps
3000 Leagues in Search of Mother
Anne of Green Gables
Chie the Brat
Gauche the Cellist
The Story of Yanagawa’s Canals
Grave of the Fireflies
Only Yesterday
Pom Poko
My Neighbors the Yamadas
The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Gambling Anime: Raising the Stakes
Poker King
Legendary Gambler Tetsuya
The Legend of Koizumi
Rio: Rainbow Gate
One Outs
81 Diver
Liar Game
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

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