Anime World Order Show # 168 – Even If You Don’t Want to Listen, Listen

For this special SPOOOOOOOOOKY edition of the Anime World Order podcast, we’re rejoined by Mike Toole to review the most recent of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s head-scratching trainwrecks, Gundam Reconguista in G. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? It’s like Tomino knows the spawn locations and keeps getting us over and over, then teabags us–HEY WAIT A SECOND

Introduction (0:00 – 23:14)
We catch up with Mike, who’s been doing convention stuff these past few months along with various Discotek Media projects, the latest of which that he’s free to talk about is their re-release of Area 88, one of the first anime we ever reviewed. Go listen to that one way back in Show # 4 from 2006. This leads to talk of various English vocalists in classic anime and a bunch of short audio clips that despite being short would probably get us copyright strikes if we ever put these shows on Youtube or Spotify or whatever. We also talk a bit about recent developments in the world of streaming anime, namely the HiDive/FUNimation/VRV/Crunchyroll etc shifts going on.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (2:01 – 3:52)
All three volumes of The Wings of Rean are BACK IN STOCK, BABY. You can also get G-Reco model kits and–oh yeah!–the show itself, which we never would have seen were it not for the dedication of Nozomi Entertainment to bring us all of the Gundam. Thanks, guys. This episode never would have existed without you.

Review: Gundam Reconguista in G (23:14 – 2:01:17)
Something happened here. I don’t know, man. You can get the entire series WHICH IS SURE TO BE AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE FOR YOU courtesy of either Right Stuf or Amazon, though which is cheaper depends on whether there’s a sale going on.

Closing (2:01:17 – 2:03:07)
Next time we’re doing THE TRIVIA EPISODE, which contrary to Gerald’s beliefs are not unpopular at all. At least, no more unpopular than the rest of this show anyway. If you want to suggest possible questions, contact Gerald (AND GERALD ONLY) through his social media accounts. What are those? We’ve been embedding that information into every episode of the show, and you can also get them from the sidebar of this very webpage.

6 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 168 – Even If You Don’t Want to Listen, Listen”

  1. I actually was watching this as it came out in 2014, but gave up around episode 6 or so. The storytelling was confusing, but I was getting some goofy King Gainer vibes from the show and the production values were very nice, so I kept watching it for a while. Surprisingly, your review is actually making me want to go back and see the rest of the series because I do remember enjoying how silly those first few episodes were.

  2. What the heck was that clip (11:08) that got played when you were talking about the Orguss ED? That dialogue can’t be the ending to an anime, can it!? [It’s a clip from Corn Pone Flicks’ Bad American Dubbing 3, in which they were making fun of the dub of Orguss. In the comments for our previous episode in which Orguss was brought up, someone said “at least you didn’t use that clip” to which my response was “rest assured, I always bring it up.” –Daryl]

  3. Holy s*** you finally did it AWO. You made me do a spit take, well would if I was drinking at the time, but you get the picture. You actually played the clip from B.A.D. that I commented about from the last episode.
    What other clips could you use? Perhaps a Nick Adams reference?

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