Anime World Order Show # 169 – This Year’s Trivia Episode Has a Nice Number In It

With Thanksgiving holidays upon us, as a public service to those of you with lengthy commutes on your way to or from relatives it’s time once again for another trivia episode, this time as tinged by mystery-colored happiness thanks to our special guest Emily from Shoujo Manga Land, aka MagicalEmi on Twitter! So tune in and revel in the glory of Riccardo Zara’s beard:

If this isn’t enough to fill your commutes, Daryl was a guest on the Greatest Movie EVER! podcast to talk about the 2003 film adaptation of Daredevil, as well as the Third Impact Anime podcast to talk about Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro. The latter is also on Youtube:

Introduction (0:00 – 21:26)
For those who don’t know of Emily’s exploits, we talk to her about some of her otaku pursuits, namely sparkly-eyed young heroines being smacked in the face by sportsballs. All this talk of balls being smashed into faces invariably leads to another topic of Emily’s expertise, ledicomi! As Emi doesn’t have access to the fancy pants recording apparatus that we do, there may be some audio pops and low volume throughout, but we’ve done what we can to reduce it. Oh, and for those who don’t know what the username Magical Emi is a reference to:

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (21:26 – 23:11)
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Not to disappoint, but our sources indicate that the above photo is NOT a young ReviewBrah.

Win Daryl Surat’s Porn-A-Roonie (23:11 – 2:42:46)

Please be sure to read that phrase in an Extremely Ted Cruz voice. This year, we have multiple categories of questions submitted by YOU, dear listeners! So listen on for nearly 2.5 hours as Daryl, Clarissa, and Emily stumble their way through questions that they don’t know the answers to, even ones you think “they definitely know this because I know this, AARRRGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE FOR NOT KNOWING THIS?!” Listen, our show’s already never going to be on Spotify, so we may as well go full bore with the unlicensed usage of decades-old songs!

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  1. Thanks for using my VN category, Gerald, sounds like everyone had fun with it. Except Daryl. Which is as it should be.

    On “Yosuga no Sora”, Clarissa’s guess of “Amagami SS” was a remarkably good guess, as that one has another weird way of dealing with the VN branches: it just resets the universe every four episodes and follows a different branch. OTOH, Daryl thinking that “Yosuga No Sora” came out from Funimation was off; the EN version was from Media Blasters. What’s wild about that release is that if you get the discs, you *cannot* watch the show in episode order: the menus lock you into watching by arc, so you pick a girl on the menu screen and off you go on her arc. OTOH, if you watch it streaming or download-to-own, then you are responsible for figuring out the episode order, but there’s a weird trick with the episode title cards where they have a code to tell you which arc you’re on, like “KA2” is “Kazuha / Akira episode 2”, or “S4” is “Sora episode 4”. It’s absolutely bonkers.

    Oh, and these were all from research I did for a convention panel at JAFAX, AWA, and Youmacon called “Whatever Happened to Visual Novel Anime?”. Thanks to everyone who came out to that.

    1. I thought I recalled someone telling me about that format for Amagami SS, so good to know that while it wasn’t the answer I wasn’t totally misremembering. The disc approach for ‘choose a girl and watch her arc’ seems kind of neat, though annoying it’s locked in. Did the episodes air in order per arc, or did they hop back and forth, thus necessitating the codes?

  2. The style of storytelling you mentioned for shows adapted from visual novels where the are arcs that reset the story (Yosuga no Sora, Amagami SS, and Photo Kano) is referred to as the “omnibus” format.

    Also, Yamakan was long gone by the second season of Haruhi Suzumiya (was taken off directing Lucky Star after the first four eps and subsequently fired from KyoAni because that man cannot keep his opinions to himself). Was also fired from the studio he founded, Ordet, too.

  3. Another great ep, thanks guys. And Emily really held her own with some obscure pulls! I wasn’t a complete embarrassment as I played along with the home version.

    I second the Double-Decker: Doug and Kirill recommendations. The show is about 3 couples of gay super cops and their hetero boss who they hate. A+ stuff.

  4. i would never believe I would hear the brazilian opening of Dragon Warrior here. Here, the original versions of anime opening songs were/are damn bad in general, but this one, along with a couple others, is in another level.
    But that’s Mike Toole for you, and his immense proficiency in the bizarre.

    I’d surely love to hear you guys in an anime song/soundtrack exclusive quiz on the next year.

  5. What episode numbers are the previous trivia shows? I’d like to go back and re-listen to them, as I really enjoyed this one. [You should be able to find them all by searching for the word “trivia.” Looks like the others are 159, 151, and 102a. –Daryl]

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