Anime World Order Show # 170 – Here Come De Judge! Here Come De Judge!

In what is likely but hopefully not our last episode of the year, thus silently celebrating another podcasting anniversary (12 years!), we partially fulfill the donation goal requests by reviewing the 1991 one-shot OAV that is Judge aka Judge: The Magistrate of Darkness.

Introduction (0:00 – 33:17)

After reading an email espousing the wonders of Angel Cop and the Blockbuster Video “Japanimation” section, we pay our respects to the recently departed Fred Patten, a key founder of anime (and yes, furry) fandom in America whose book Watching Anime, Reading Manga: 25 Years of Essays and Reviews is still readily available both in print as well as digitally. That link is for Kindle but you can also get it on Nook in the event people still use that. Be sure to also read the archives of his Cartoon Research column, which was about all kinds of animation rather than just anime, while you’re at it. Fred died on the same day as Stan Lee, but the world doesn’t need much help remembering Stan and what he did. One of the best write-ups on Fred’s passing was from Jonathan Clements, since he often tends to be a guy doing the best write-ups on things in general.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (10:12 – 12:39)

The holiday sale is still going strong, and Clarissa already has spent over $500 and change on various otaku-related insanity. That G Gundam Ultra Edition Blu-Ray set starts shipping in mere days, so get your preorders in now and save $100+ from the regular price!

Review: Judge, Magistrate of Darkness (33:17 – 1:22:17)

You asked for it! Or well, one of you asked for it, and that’s good enough for us! This one-shot OAV from 1991 has been posted to Youtube in its entirety, both in the English dub and Japanese subtitled versions, because not even the Japanese care enough to issue a copyright strike on this long out-of-print curiosity, for which we can only scratch our heads over. A great silent pact among all anime fans is being broken by our doing this review, and we can only hope that by mispronouncing it “ne-GHEE-SHEE” instead of saying it properly that the psychic barrier wardings will remain intact.

Closing (1:22:17 – 1:30:19)

We talk a bit about non-anime media stuff and contemplate whether it’s possible to do another episode before the end of the year. Ideally, it’d be something holiday themed but most of the holiday-themed anime are individual episodes of a series rather than standalone titles. Also, can I just say how much I hate this new WordPress 5.0? This episode date is now one day off from the date of the post and the podcast filename because of how dumb everything is, and you can’t revert the UI / functionality.

7 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 170 – Here Come De Judge! Here Come De Judge!”

  1. Holy cow, you are getting regular! …….. does that mean the show’s about to end?

    Also I see you only allow less controversial comments to go up. Okay.jpg [I have no idea what you’re talking about but I will say that WordPress has decided to automatically move your posts into either Spam, Trash, or in this case Hold for Moderation such that I get a notification to approve it. When a bot looks at what you write on a regular basis and concludes “this is probably something actual humans would not write or ever need to see” then perhaps you should ask yourself whether what you say offers anything of worth. –Daryl]

  2. Out of nowhere, you mentioned Shamanic Princess. Something I did not expect at ALL. I wished you would review it, despite knowing you never will. But you MENTIONED its existence, which is way more than I hoped for. Thank you.

    And apparently I am a bot now. Which perhaps is a good thing, will help me assimilate into the inevitable AI World Order.

  3. I’m glad I went and watched this before listening to the review so I could experience the pure bullshit that was the mirror unspoiled.

    Happy Holidays.

  4. So, if you are actually interested enough, the original manga is available digitally through japanese bookstores, like ebookjapan ( Those sites usually let you read the first 20 pages or so for free (on ebj, it’s the white “????” button on the right under the big green “add to cart button”), which is not nearly enough, though the first couple pages are immediately stunning.
    Also, if you search for it using the original Japanese title, together with the author’s name (??????????), you can find raws – Nyaa has it, and someone’s even seeding it?

    And it probably says something about me that after your review I was curious enough to go and spend those 40 minutes to research this stuff, but still not enough to just watch it on youtube.

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