Anime World Order Show # 178 – YOU LOVE DRUGS Don’t You, Dennis? 224 Trimethylpentane Is In There, It’s a KILLER!

We’ve got a short window between conventions, writing assignments, and natural disasters to release an episode, so let’s take advantage! We give our convention report for Otakon 2019, have stern objections to Netflix’s marketing/propaganda wing, and then fulfill a Patreon goal by reviewing the listener-suggested Macross II: Lovers Again.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (0:00 – 4:27)
Normally, the promo goes in the middle of the episode, but this one’s time sensitive and we figure most people download the episode within 24 hours of release. There are less than two days remaining if you want to donate to help Kyoto Animation in the aftermath of the July arson attack which made global headlines. 100% of your donation will go to Kyoto Animation (so no deductions for processing/administrative/transfer fees or whatever). Plus, any amount donated will go towards the free shipping spending limit ($50 for US, $250 for Canada).

Introduction (4:27 – 1:11:34)
All of us attended Otakon 2019 in Washington DC and weigh in on our experiences, shared though they may be. Topics discussed include the Walter E Washington Convention Center as a venue, the premieres of City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes as well as Promare, how our panels went, STEVE BENNETT~!, and how Johnny Kitagawa was undeniably The Man.

Review: Macross II -Lovers Again- (1:11:34 – 2:43:02)
With the final goal (for now) having been met on our Patreon months ago, we figured we’d best actually deliver on our hollow promises for a change. Gerald, after having refused every other suggestion, agreed to cover this 1992 6-episode OVA series on account that we last reviewed a Macross title on this podcast twelve years ago in 2007 and that it holds strong nostalgia for his early days as an anime fan. All that Daryl could remember about it prior to this rewatch was that there were red ships and Banana Moon Love. Clarissa has never seen Macross II until now, knowing only of its reputation as “worst Macross anime ever.” In the resulting 90 minutes, we’ll finally get to the bottom of the decade-spanning question that is “is this the worst Macross anime ever…or the SECOND worst?”

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, and again I’m just glad to give something back to the folks behind the only podcast I regularly listen to. I would have liked to see the “Gall Force crew” reactions in person, but perhaps that’s for the best. I’ve been avoiding spoilers, and for a long time have put off actually watching Gall Force until a Japanese or US BD release comes out—I should probably give up on waiting for that though.

    If memory serves, I included two Black Jack cels for Clarissa. Part of that is because I just own quite a few cels from the Osamu Dezaki-directed 90s Black Jack series & movie. The other reason is that initially I had included just the topless Black Jack cel, and then thought “surely it would be too cynical for me to cater only to fujoshi thirst,” and so went in another less-risqué Black Jack cel. Perhaps “less-risqué Black Jack” is somewhat of an oxymoron, seeing as his permanent facial disfigurement naturally draws the thirst of the ladies, as said 90s series would have us believe.

  2. I know you blocked me on Twitter so my opinion means shit to you, but I just wanted to say I really like Macross II. Probably my second favorite Macross next to DYRL. I originally caught it in on Stars Encore Action Channel in the mid 00’s. They used to have a lot of Manga Ent. catalog.

  3. Ridiculous. Imagine 1. Thinking Mospeada is a “great great show” and B. That Macross II is better than Zero.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

    [R…remember the part in Mospeada where the motorcycle transformed? That was awesome. Peak Shinji Aramaki. That sound of motorcycles transforming is “that old lullaby,” and Shinji Aramaki has not remembered that old lullaby for too long. –Daryl]

  4. Heya! Just writing in to say I’ve been listening to the podcast for years and really appreciate all the good work you guys have done. I’d also like to thank you for getting me into the Macross franchise as I likely would never have gone out of my way to watch the original TV series or DYRL if not for Daryl’s review. Now DYRL and the Frontier movies rate among my favorite films of all time with a copy of the DYRL blu ray signed by Shoji Kawamori being one of my most prized possessions. Macross II had been pretty low on my watchlist priority wise but this review has made me bump it up to the next show I’ll be watching. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the show if only for the music and the Mikimoto character designs. Thank you all again for all the good work and I’m looking forward to whatever you’ll all be doing in the future.

    PS I agree with Daryl in that pedantic nerds that argue for a devil’s advocate position out of bad faith are just the worst and dealing with the same BS arguments for so many years must be immensely frustrating (ie that whole anime thing that netflix is trying to pull)

  5. Last year I watched Macross II in between watching Macross + DYRL and Macross Plus. So far, that’s all the Macross I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t typically watch dubs but I was curious to check it out. I quickly had to switch from dub to sub so I’m surprised to hear that it had won an award for best dub back then. I’m curious what exactly its competition was.

    Overall, I didn’t think Macross II was that bad or great but kinda middling. Likewise, I also wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone.

  6. Camping is about as misunderstood as Ergo Proxy. Your level of enjoyment depends ENTIRELY on WHERE you go, and with WHOM. Don’t go anywhere where you know the climate is terrible, and go with your friends. And if you cannot deal with boogs, yer a weak specimen.

    I apologize for not watching that Hatchin or whatever anime right now, o Anime Gods, but it is on my to buy list. I’d buy a lot of those 2004-ish shows, but don’t want to spend all my money on anime right now. [Both series are available in their entirety via streaming courtesy of FUNimation. –Daryl]

  7. You name-dropped some blog that translated some old interview or something and I can’t remember what it was without going back through the whole podcast. Can you link to the site? I was wanting to check it out. Maybe it was Austin’s site? Thanks! Also, I’ve never heard such cries of genuine agony as those from Gerald when he recounted his beach camping trip. Poor thing.

  8. Ishtar and Marduk? That’s Venus and Jupiter in Sumerian.

    The more you know……. [Specifically, they’re the names of Mesopotamian gods. –Daryl]

  9. I got into Macross through Robotech during its first run, then watched DYRL (Clash of the Bionoids) in 87. So when I first saw that poster ad of Macross 2 announcing the dub in 91 I believe, I was super excited. I loved seeing a new version of a Valkyrie rather than a Alpha Fighter. I studied that poster so intently I can still see it in mind clearly to this day.

    I got it on first day and watched it over and over. It had problems (dubbing and all the other things you mentioned) but the music rocks, the mecha designs were awesome, and of course the character designs. The OST actually got a North American release which I bought along with the 2 disc Japanese version (hey, it had extra tracks on it including the song in ep3 which was dubbed in English on the dub).

    That being said, I was annoyed it was a 6 episode OVA. Early on I could tell it wouldn’t be enough time to tell the story. The wait between volumes killed momentum, though. I ended up forgetting about the third volume until like, a year after it was released. I was like “hey, I didn’t end up seeing the conclusion!”

    That third volume really had a drop in quality. The final space battle which should have been the part they animated the best really came out poorly, especially the scenes with the Metal Siren. The ending was a bit anticlimactic to me.

    Anyway, I still like this series. Wish I could get a DVD/BR copy presented as the original 6 OAVs rather than the “movie” edit. Like you guys said, a lot of potential. A 26 episode remake would be an interesting idea, though it would never happen.

    I’d like to see you guys discuss other Macross shows like 7, Zero, and Delta. I hope you consider it.

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