Anime World Order Show # 179 – Another Decade in Review Commences

We’ve been around for so long that it’s time for ANOTHER decade in review. How many years do you think we’ll manage to get through this episode now that we have an entire decade of accumulated experience built up, anyway?

Introduction (0:00 – 25:00)
Before we turn the clock back to ten years in the past, we answer an email that requires us to go 25 years back because in the wake of our review of Macross II -Lovers Again- our thoughts are requested regarding Macross 7. That Shoji Kawamori, he built this sequel; he built this sequel on rock and roll.

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (25:00 – 28:54)
The Media Blasters release of Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix – Perfect Collection on Blu-Ray was supposed to be on 9/17, but I never got a shipping notification and it was suddenly listed as out of stock everywhere. When I inquired about this, Right Stuf actually called up Media Blasters to find out that the street date was pushed back to 10/8 and updated their site while notifying everyone who ordered it accordingly. Step up your game to this level already, Jeff Bezos!

The DECADE IN REVIEW~!: And So It Begins (28:54 – 1:52:55)
The rules are simple (AND YET REPEATEDLY BROKEN): for each year, each person picks one title they deemed noteworthy of mention and discusses it briefly, taking turns until all titles for a year are covered. Then move on to the next year. Who will break the rules first? How many years will we get through in this episode? And what wil conclude first? Our decade in review, or the decade itself?

6 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 179 – Another Decade in Review Commences”

  1. It’s quite unfair that Sengoku Basara has been way less successful as a videogame property than Dynasty Warriors, at least outside of Japan. The anime was good too, at least the first two seasons.

    Gerald made me look, but it seems Heroman is not available on physical media. I was always curious about picking that up, back when I had both money and faith in humanity.

  2. It was pretty interesting listening to this episode since the 2010s was when I got back into anime after not following the industry for a few years, so I actually saw a few of these shows when they were airing. Looking forward to hearing you guys talk about the rest of the decade.

    Also fun fact: The guy who produced Cat Shit One, Junya Okabe, also created the CG for the first two Sakura Wars video games on the Saturn.

  3. I had long accepted never getting a Blu-ray for Tatami Galaxy. Excited to hear that it eventually came out. I remember watching it and House of Five Leaves week to week on YouTube, and it has become one of my favorite shows. I also made the mistake of getting a friend of mine to watch Oreimo, since I also liked the first season, only to have to inform him of the horrors of season 2 and be met with the further horror that he still enjoyed season 2.

  4. Squid Girl reminded me so many anime have protagonists be little girls. Why?

    Also, ehm…… “anthropomorphic” is Greek for “humanized”. There has never been a rule that furries could only be interesting in someone like that dog lady villain from the disappointment that was Welcome to the Space Show. Them furries also like Mouse Guard and Kimba the White Lion and all those things, and nobody there has a strongly humanoid body shape.

    A…….. friend told me all this.

  5. I know you guys mentioned Katanagatari in your 2010 review and said that there was no home media release. However, NIS released a pretty expensive “big box” 2 volume collection of the series on Bluray/DVD. I’m sure the series is probably out of print at this point, but at least it was available at one time.

  6. Isn’t the Haruhi movie considered to be one of the best anime movies ever?

    Also a 2010 anime: Mitsudomoe. This series still makes me laugh whenever I think of it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful.

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