Anime World Order Show # 180 – We Forgot to Mention That the Puzzles Killed Our Parents

The Decade in Review continues as we cover the year 2011, but since it’s Halloween time we review something suitably SPOOKY as Daryl springs the latest Gekimation triumph, Violence Voyager, upon an unsuspecting Gerald and Clarissa!

The DECADE IN REVIEW~! Continues (0:00 – 1:32:50)
The way we see it, Dave Riley only just finished writing up his Top 10 Videogames of 2018 countdown the other day, as 2019 is over 2/3 complete. As long as we finish up the Decade in Review in less time than that, then we’re in the clear! Note that Gerald’s recording is unnaturally compressed for this segment as well as the previous episode (and the next episode after this…), but we found the source of the issue and resolved it. And it’s not just from Daryl taking yet another page from Dynamite Dave, the San Diego Steamroller!

Promo: Right Stuf Anime (1:32:50 – 1:35:16)
It seems like forever ago that Udon Entertainment announced the license, but a release date for The Rose of Versailles Volume 1 is finally set: 12/17/19! And the editor for it will be none other than Erica Friedman, who we had on as a guest back in April. Preorders on Right Stuf are 25% off the usual price, which beats the 0% off you’d get from ordering through Amazon, so if you’re inclined to start thinking about Christmas gifts this is one to get.

Review: Violence Voyager (1:35:16 – 2:09:42)
There’s gotta be a scarier part to this podcast, kids, eheh. Even Count Floyd wasn’t scared of that, and he gets scared real easy! C’mon boys, let’s uh….roll that audio a little further ahead and let’s see a good, FRIGHTENING part of that podcast…t-that…Halloween….podcast. Daryl sprang this on Gerald and Clarissa with no explanation or warning as to precisely WHAT they were about to see, and encourages everybody else to follow suit with their own compatriots when it’s released on VOD this Monday, 10/21.

8 Replies to “Anime World Order Show # 180 – We Forgot to Mention That the Puzzles Killed Our Parents”

  1. There aren’t any gay characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. There are several bisexual characters, but no gay ones. None of them are offensive either, that I can see, anyway. [The character’s name is the same as the now-popular video game. That’s it. –Daryl]

    1. Oh, my mistake. Sorry. Although also, come on Daryl there is plenty of good horror, it’s no different from any other genre.

  2. The Wandering Son manga was indeed discontinued due to poor sales. I remember reading the translator’s Twitter posts about it. Really disheartening as it’s such a great series, and a highly relevant one in this day and age.

  3. There must be a shout out to that landmark 2011 show Astarotte’s Toy. I believe I’m one of the few who watched it all and did not become a sex offender. I’m about to watch its OAV that I just discovered exists. Please pray for my soul.

  4. Pretty sure Steins;Gate got so big because it was a pretty low key scifi story with fairly easy to relate to characters (especially for generalized nerds, thanks to it referencing western scifi at times), a well thought out time travel story, and it provided enough clues for you to figure things out while not dragging things out while the characters tried to solve things. That said, almost all the follow up stuff, from the BD exclusive OVA to Steins;Gate Zero is pretty unnecessary, because the show ends pretty well and in a satisfying way, so there’s no real point to it besides “here’s more of the characters you like.”

    When it comes to Tiger & Bunny, I want to say that Jason DeMarco confirmed that Fire Emblem was basically the thing that kept them from putting the show on air in a Tweet, but that was MANY years ago, if it happened at all.

    Also, here’s a correction – Star Trek: The Animated Series was NOT an animated remake of the original series. It reused a few unproduced scripts and made a few sequels to episodes, but it was all new stuff. They even got almost all the cast back except for Walter Koenig.

  5. I noticed that Daryl pronounced ufotable as “yufodable.” I had heard both that and “UFO table” in the community for years, and wasn’t sure which pronunciation was correct.

    That is, until I went to the Los Angeles premiere of Heaven’s Feel Part 1 a couple years ago. There were a number of staff and cast in attendance, including the director and a couple of the producers. The director and one of the producers both pronounced it “yuufo-teiburu” during interview portions of the show.

    Given that “yuufo” is simply how UFO is pronounced in Japanese, I am confident that the correct pronunciation is “UFO table.” [This is how I’d always say it too until I got flack from the Fate people. Good to know I should have just ignored them. —Daryl]

    Thanks for putting up with this grammar nerd moment. Keep up the good work, guys. I’ve been listening since the first episode, and haven’t missed one yet.

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